Summer Love 2000 - Chilliwack (26/27-Aug-2000)

Ton went to the Dance/Techno/House festival "Summer Love" in Chilliwack with Michelle and we had a *GREAT* time. The party was from Saturday August 26 6 PM until Sunday August 27 at 10 AM ... Yes ... the whole night !!! There were thousands of people dressed dance party style and carrying "glow in the dark sticks" ... very nice to see everybody enjoying 4 different styles of music at the same time (on 4 stages) ... with all the visuals ... and there was fireworks, 3 big light beams, laser light, artists, live ladies piercing (on stage), the lake was decorated with underwater lights, there was the beach, the people (estimated to 10000), the great music ... just a great party !!!

Wrist band as proof of entrance.

Unfortunately it was a bit too cold ... but hey, dancing warmed us up pretty fast. Michelle and I got our special attention because of the blinking stars we were wearing on our heads. Everybody asked us about them! And for us it was easy to find each other. But now ... we are pretty tired and need some sleep (it's Sunday afternoon). Something the people that live around the Summer Love site definitely didn't get !!! I didn't bring my digital camera because of safety reasons, but we bought a Kodak disposable camera. I took it to London Drugs and the pictures became available on their web site (in stead of putting them on a CD). Unfortunately the CD-ROM or Web Site development (even cheaper than CD-ROM) is not a 1 hour service so we had to wait a few hours. The development and posting on their web site costs CAN $ 18.48 (including taxes) for 27 pictures. Not bad huh?

Picture Date Description
26-Aug-2000 15.00 On our way from Vancouver to Chilliwack in Ton's car.

26-Aug-2000 21.30 Michelle and Ton are waiting in line for Summer Love 2000. There was a one hour waiting to get in.
26-Aug-2000 21.45 Bag check at the entrance. No 'strange' smokes or alcohol allowed. And that was a good thing. Everybody behaved so well at Summer Love ...
26-Aug-2000 22.30 The beach with the light in the water.
26-Aug-2000 22.35 Ton is getting ready to dance.

26-Aug-2000 22.35 Michelle having fun.
26-Aug-2000 23.00 Ton with Nick Levens and his girlfriend Aprile. Nick had to wait until 10 AM in the morning for his performance with Payton Rule and Jefreejon. Personally I found that one of the most refreshing appearances.
26-Aug-2000 23.00 The crowd ... and the dust.
26-Aug-2000 23.30 Hard to see ... three big screens that show the visual effects above one of the four music stages..
26-Aug-2000 23.35 Michelle is recovering at the beach before jumping back into the crowd ... with the blinking stars ...
26-Aug-2000 23.45 Ton with his blinking stars on his head.

26-Aug-2000 23.45 Yikes ... must be cold.
26-Aug-2000 23.50 The crowd with the projectors in the background.
26-Aug-2000 23.50 Dance, dance, dance.
26-Aug-2000 23.50 Dust in the wind.
27-Aug-2000 00.30 Ton found a little glow stick.
27-Aug-2000 00.30 Dance, dance, dance ...
27-Aug-2000 00.35 Live piercing on stage (I).
27-Aug-2000 00.35 Live piercing on stage (II).
27-Aug-2000 04.00 And the beat goes on ... and on ... and on ... until 10 AM in the morning.

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