Roller Blading pictures # 01

Roller blading pictures. Click on the pictures for larger image. Or check roller blade reports.

Picture Date Description
09-Apr-2000 13.00 Ton's first time on rental roller blades (this year) at the Seawall near English Bay in Vancouver. Later those rentals will be changed for own roller blades. But it was fun today. Picture courtesy of Michelle. There are more pictures on this page ... keep scrolling down.
Michel (l) and Tim (r) -  near English Bay 09-Apr-2000 13.00 Tim Zillmer's first meters, yards, miles, kilometers (whatever) on roller blades.  Michel Oicle is doing the big trick by blading backwards. Let's hope he sees the photographer. Location: English Bay.
Tim (near English Bay) 09-Apr-2000 13.00 Tim is getting it, you can see that. Still at English Bay here. We are going to roller blade all the way around Stanley Park (at least 10 kilometers).
Tim in Stanley park 09-Apr-2000 14.00 Why is Tim parked at a parking lot for disabled? P.S. The clouds disappeared later and the sun came out.
Lions Gate Bridge - Stanley Park / North vancouver 09-Apr-2000 14.05 Halfway the sea wall that goes around Stanley Park. You're just right under the Lions Gate Bridge that connects Stanley park with North Vancouver.
Third Beach in Stanley Park 09-Apr-2000 14.45 From left to right at Third Beach in Stanley Park: Tim Zillmer,  Ton Ensink, Michelle and Michel Oicle. In the background we see the freight ships waiting.
Rewards !!! 09-Apr-2000 15.00 Cheers. Time for our rewards ... a bucket of Corona and some food at the Boathouse near English Bay.

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