2001 Polar Bear Swim - English Bay, Vancouver (Mo 01-Jan-2001)

The 81st Polar Bear Swim at English Bay in Vancouver had around 1200 people to do the dive into the 8 degrees (Celsius) cold water. Fortunately it was a sunny day with comfortable temperatures. Click on the pictures for larger image.

Picture Date Description
01-Jan-2001 11.56 A dragon boat in the waters of English Bay. 4 Minutes before the start of the Polar bear Swim which starts at noon. That's what more people thought.
01-Jan-2001 12.00 The bear is ready ... if only it started at noon. It actually begun at 2.30 PM.
01-Jan-2001 14.05 The oldest contestant arrives. She is the queen of the Polar Bear Swim and 87 years old.
01-Jan-2001 14.05 She will kick-off the swim by going into the water first. The press is there too.
01-Jan-2001 14.06 There she goes ... brrrrrrrrr.
01-Jan-2001 14.09 The people are ready to watch the swim ...
01-Jan-2001 14.11 ... while the queen of the swim took the first cold bath of 2001. Here she's taken the microphone for her short New Year's speech.
01-Jan-2001 14.14 The 1200 contestants are ready to go.
01-Jan-2001 14.17 Some are dressed up, e.g. like Norwegians, a moose or tin man.
01-Jan-2001 14.25 There they go. Whoever reaches the boat first (100 meters in the water) wins the contest.
01-Jan-2001 14.28 And they're off !!!
01-Jan-2001 14.28 In the cold water of English Bay.
01-Jan-2001 14.29 The winner is about to reach the boat for the first price.
01-Jan-2001 14.30 Can you recognize the two mooses?
01-Jan-2001 14.34 Ready to get dressed again.
01-Jan-2001 14.39 The crowd at English Bay.
01-Jan-2001 14.41 And king Neptune. He's done this so many times ...

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