Grounds For Appeal

Grounds For Appeal coffee shop at 845 Cambie Street in Vancouver. Owned for 8 years by Joeck Stuyver.

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Picture Date Description
18-Dec-2001 The counter with X-Mas decoration.
18-Dec-2001 Different lighting.
18-Dec-2001 Joeck (middle) and two staff members.
18-Dec-2001 The counter.
18-Dec-2001 Nice lights.
18-Dec-2001 Frostie The "Inflatable" Snow Man ... huge.
18-Dec-2001 The coffee shop as seen from a different angle.
18-Dec-2001 Behind the scenes.
18-Dec-2001 The amenities.
18-Dec-2001 Christmas tree.
18-Dec-2001 All the goodies come from behind the glass.
18-Dec-2001 The coffee corner.
18-Dec-2001 Another 'behind the scenes' view.
18-Dec-2001 View from the stairs. Joeck working at the table.

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