Filming in Vancouver

Today a film crew was filming scenes for the movie "MVP - part 2" right in front of the office where Ton works (Crystal Decisions at 840 Cambie Street). He took some pictures. The movies stars a monkey. They use three different chimpanzees for the main character and today one of them was on the set.

For information about the previous edition of this movie "Most Valuable Primate" see (for location etc.).

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Picture Date Description
Fr 27-Apr-2001 The crew had their equipment set up at the beginning of the alley next to the office.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 People who walked by weren't allowed to look into the alley because the cameras were pointing towards the street.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 Ton went skiing with Frans and Marieke Luit on Cypress Mountain. The sky was clear and the temperatures just a few degrees Celcius below zero.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 A few vans were occupying the parking spaces on the street. The sidewalks were used to store the film equipment.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 One of the big movie cameras.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 Two monitors.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 This alley is usually very clean but for the movie it was paked with trash. The scenes filmed are with the monkey on a skate board.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 The FX crew were making artificial smoke.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 Two cameras and the crew.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 It takes a lot of people to film a movie.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 More smoke effects.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 In the alley the monkey has it's own "star" seat to relax and prepare for the next shot. The trainers are feeding the chimpanzee.
Fr 27-Apr-2001  
Fr 27-Apr-2001  
Fr 27-Apr-2001  
Fr 27-Apr-2001  
Fr 27-Apr-2001  

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