Pictures of cruise ships in the Vancouver harbour

During the summer months (from May to October) the Port of Vancouver is host to numerous cruise ships. They sail between Vancouver and Alaska. Also see the 2001 cruise schedule for more detailed information. The ships on this page are docked at the piers in the Burrard Inlet (between downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver). They are visible from the Seabus which maintains a regular transit service on the Burrard Inlet.

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Picture Date Description
May 1997 Holland America Line cruise ship "Veendam", docked at Canada Place.
12-May-1999 09:04 Taken from the Seabus on my way to work from North Vancouver to downtown Vancouver towards the cruise ship that was docked at the Balentines Pier.
12-May-1999 09:04 Little closer (tiny bit ...).
12-May-1999 09:07 The "Mercury" was docked at Canada Place.
12-May-1999 09:09 The "Mercury".
12-May-1999 09:10 HeliJet helicopter was just taking off from the helipad next to the Seabus terminal in downtown Vancouver.
12-May-1999 09:16 View from the Seabus terminal to Canada Place where the "Mercury" was docked.

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