Golfing at Country Meadows Golf Course, Richmond

On Sunday 12-Aug-2001 Ton went golfing with Karen Ashton and Eric Nishi at Country Meadows Golf Course in Richmond. We started at 4 PM and stopped playing around 8 PM. We played Best Ball.

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Picture Date Description
12-Aug-2001 Eric (l) and Karen (r) just before teeing off at Country Meadows Golf Course in Richmond
12-Aug-2001 Eric (l), Karen (m) and Ton (r).
12-Aug-2001 The three of us. Karen is hitting off with a wood.
12-Aug-2001 Eric is putting while Karen is controlling the flag.
12-Aug-2001 It's Karen's turn o put it in.
12-Aug-2001 Karen is looking for a frog - from the bridge - and maybe she should read him a poem to see if he really turns into a cure prince ...
12-Aug-2001 Karen is teeing off.
12-Aug-2001 Ton and his golf cart.

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