Skiing in Whistler (22/27-Dec-2000)

Whistler Cabin (23 and 24 December 2000)

Ton was in the Seagate Software Whistler cabin from 22 to 27 December 2000 and took the following pictures. Of course he also spent some time on the mountains.

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Front of the Cabin in "Esmerald Estates", 7 km. north of Whistler village.
The bus station is right across the street and takes you from and to Whistler village for CAN $ 1.50 each way.
The 98 Nissan Pathfinder Chilkoot on the drive way.
Look at all the snow on the drive way of the cabin. Some people got stuck and could hardly get out. There's also parking across the street.
From the street you have to take the stairs to get to the cabin. It's a 3 story house with 7 rooms (3 in the basement and 2 rooms on each other floor).
View from inside to the back yard.
From the street you can see the roof of the cabin.
Plenty of (wet) wood for the two fire places (basement and top floor).
The living room on the top floor. the basement also has a living room.
Top floor living room.
Fire place on the top floor.
Main (middle) floor kitchen.
On Christmas Eve the Whistler village hosted the "fire and ice" event. The Whistler Ski School performed the show with jumps through a burning hoop.
A snow boarder makes a 180 degrees turn in the burning hoop.
Another snow boarder jumps through the hoop.
And again ...
Christmas trees decorate the village of Whistler. The village really was in a great Christmas spirit.

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