Brazilian Community Association - Picknick in Stanley Park (04-Sep-2000)

Silvia Aidar invited me to join her at a Brazilian pick nick party in Stanley Park. Please click on the pictures for a larger version.

Picture Date Description
04-Sep-2000 16.07 Pick nick table is ready in Stanley Park.
26-Aug-2000 16.07 B.C.A. eh.
26-Aug-2000 16.08 Silvia Aidar and the president of the association.
26-Aug-2000 16.08 The announcements were all in Portuguese.
26-Aug-2000 16.08 But they're having fun ...
26-Aug-2000 16.13 Silvia and Ton proudly showing his Brazilian soccer shirt ... with his Orange shirt underneath as a backup plan).
26-Aug-2000 16.41 Bernie Glemas, Silvia Aidar and Erika Abrahao.
26-Aug-2000 16.42 Bernie, Silvia and Ton enjoying the sun, the music, the food and the drinks. Live is hard in Vancouver ....

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