Abbotsford Air Show (12-Aug-2000)

Abbotsford Air Show 2000. Ton went there for the 3rd (or 4th) time. This year with Neil Adam and Michel Oicle. Click on the pictures for a larger image.

Picture Date Description
12-Aug-2000 11.14 Crossing the Port Mann Bridge (Fraser River) on the way from Vancouver to Abbotsford on highway #1 (Trans Canadian Highway). With logs booms floating in the river. Ton went to the air show with Nail Adam and Michel Oicle.
12-Aug-2000 11.47 Arrival at the airport in Abbotsford. The first thing we saw was a junk yard full of old planes.
12-Aug-2000 12.15 Wanna park the car in here?
12-Aug-2000  12.16 The Candian "Snow Birds" stunt team on display at the static show. Later today the did a great show as the final of the day.
12-Aug-2000 12.26 Canadian Air Force F-18 during the flight show.
12-Aug-2000 12.27 Canadian Air Force F-18 during the flight show.
12-Aug-2000 12.29 Canadian Air Force F-18 during the flight show.
12-Aug-2000 12.35 Old (small) and new (big) together on display.
12-Aug-2000 12.35 Michel Oicle and Neil Adam in front of the static show.
12-Aug-2000 12.38 The F-18 is taxiing after the show.
12-Aug-2000 12.41 This is just a part of the landing gear ... Ton probably wants those tires on his own truck.
12-Aug-2000 13.01 US Air Force B1 on display.
12-Aug-2000 13.02 The engines of the B1.
12-Aug-2000 13.06 This picture is taken from the US Air Force KC-10. This is a DC-10 build for cargo and refueling fighter jets.
12-Aug-2000 13.06 The KC-10's wing and engine.
12-Aug-2000 13.07 The KC-10's cockpit.
12-Aug-2000 13.07 The KC-10's cockpit (ceiling).
12-Aug-2000 13.18 US Air Force.
12-Aug-2000 13.22 Pilot and cockpit. No cup holders for the pilot ...
12-Aug-2000 13.26 German Tornado on display.
12-Aug-2000 14.11 Michel, Neil and Ton were the guests at the 'chalet' of Mott Electrics. Let's have a beer and enjoy the show.
12-Aug-2000 14.30 Canadian Airlines A-320 Airbus flighby.
12-Aug-2000 14.30 Canadian Airlines A-320 Airbus flighby.
12-Aug-2000 14.30 Canadian Airlines A-320 Airbus flighby (just taking in the landing gear).
12-Aug-2000 14.43 Michel is watching the sky (any birds flying around?) and Neil is focusing on the camera.
12-Aug-2000 15.24 Anybody know her?
12-Aug-2000 15.26 Oh well ...
12-Aug-2000 15.37 The show continues.
12-Aug-2000 15.28 This looks pretty scary.
12-Aug-2000 16.01 Nice plane. Neil ... what plane was this again?
12-Aug-2000 16.02 ??
12-Aug-2000 16.05 Save landing.
12-Aug-2000 16.07 ... sure ...
12-Aug-2000 16.08 This Canadian Navy rescue helicopter is doing it's last show because it will be taking out of service soon.
12-Aug-2000 16.09 Big thing huh?
12-Aug-2000 16.10 ... camera man, please stay focused ...
12-Aug-2000 16.35 Last part of the show, the Canadian Air Force "Snow Birds" moments after take-off.
12-Aug-2000 16.45 The Snow Birds are the only team in the world that take off and land in formation with 9 planes at the time.
12-Aug-2000 16.46 The Snow Birds in formation.
12-Aug-2000 16.46 Great show ...
12-Aug-2000 16.48 The Snow Birds in a different formation.
12-Aug-2000 16.48 Cool split by all 9 Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 16.52 The Snow Birds in the Fraser Valley with the Coastal Mountain range in the background.
12-Aug-2000 16.52 The Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 16.54 The Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 16.55 The Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 16.57 The Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 16.58 The Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 17.00 The Snow Birds. 3 of them are flying upside down.
12-Aug-2000 17.02 The Snow Birds doing the "Maple Leaf".
12-Aug-2000 17.02 One of The Snow Birds of just passing another one (heads on) that is just outside of the picture (right).
12-Aug-2000 17.05 The Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 17.06 The Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 17.08 The Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 17.08 The Snow Birds.
12-Aug-2000 17.10 The Snow Birds' final pass with a Spitfire up front, flown by the grandfather of one of the Snow Bird pilots.
12-Aug-2000 17.15 Cargo bay of the 5 week old US Air Force C 17 (about 200 million dollars each, the US Air Force has over 60 of these planes ... k-ching).
12-Aug-2000 17.21 Ton and Neil in the cockpit of the C 17.
12-Aug-2000 17.21 Nail in command. Look how high the cockpit is located with regards to the planes in the background.
12-Aug-2000 17.21 Same picture, now with flash light.
12-Aug-2000 17.21 C 17 cockpit panel.
12-Aug-2000 17.23 Another look in the cargo bay. It can also transport about 200 para troopers.
12-Aug-2000 20.30 Back in Vancouver for dinner at Budkowski's. A picture taken from the patio.
12-Aug-2000 21.00 McGill Street on Ton's way back home.
12-Aug-2000 21.01 On McGill Street in Vancouver. With downtown Vancouver in the mirror of the car.
12-Aug-2000 21.04 From the Second Narrows bridge to North Vancouver ... great view.
12-Aug-2000 21.06 Main Street in North Vancouver (just off the Second Narrows Bridge driving west bound).

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