Abelia Bed & Breakfast construction site

Abelia B&B construction site pictures. Please click on the pictures for larger image.

Picture Date Description
01-Jan-2001 15.18 Amber BB at the left, the new B&B at the right.
01-Jan-2001 15.18 The wooden posts that hold the veranda are removed for renovation.
01-Jan-2001 15.19 The room at the front, first floor.
01-Jan-2001 15.20 The entrance and the stairs on the main floor.
01-Jan-2001 15.22 One of the bathrooms on the first floor. And Richard Kozuszyn, the handy man.
01-Jan-2001 15.33 Richard in the first floor main room.
01-Jan-2001 15.38 Plumbing, water, power and sprinkler system.
05-May-2001 12.30 From the back alley.
05-May-2001 12.30 Both houses in the sun.
05-May-2001 12.30
05-May-2001 12.30 The jacuzzi in one of the rooms.
05-May-2001 12.30 Main floor (first floor).
05-May-2001 12.30 Entrance on the first floor.
05-May-2001 12.30 Entrance.
05-May-2001 12.30 One of the rooms on the second floor (front).
05-May-2001 12.30 One of the rooms on the second floor (back).
05-May-2001 12.30 Second floor.
05-May-2001 12.30 One of the top floor rooms (3rd floor, back).
05-May-2001 12.30 One of the top floor rooms (3rd floor, front).
05-May-2001 12.30 Corridor.
05-May-2001 12.30 Kitchen on the main floor.
05-May-2001 12.30 One of the rooms in the basement.
05-May-2001 12.30 The mechanical room for hot water and power.
05-May-2001 12.30 Valves that control the water system for the heating. The orange pipes are for the sprinkler system.
05-May-2001 12.30 Thermostats in every single room control the temperature in the rooms individually.
17-May-2001 19.00 Richard is working hard to get the kitchen assembled.
17-May-2001 19.00 Wallpapering on the second floor.
17-May-2001 19.00 Bath rooms still under construction.
17-May-2001 19.00 Another bath room is still not ready.
17-May-2001 19.00 Big front room on the main floor.
17-May-2001 19.00 A look towards the back of the main floor room.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 The main floor dining room is almost ready.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 So is the kitchen.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 Nicely painted wood work.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 Richard in the door opening.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 The first floor rooms are painted and wall papered and ready to be decorated.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 One of the rooms is getting a new bed.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 One of the two top floor rooms.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 The other top floor room.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 The bed is being installed in one of the lower floor rooms.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 Electrical switches.
26-Jun-2001 09.00 The stairway.
28-Jul-2001 09.00 Breakfast is being prepared for 28 guests. The house wasn't even completely finished yet when the first guests arrived 2 weeks ago.
28-Jul-2001 09.00 Looks good eh?
28-Jul-2001 09.00 The stairway, competed with fresh flowers.
28-Jul-2001 09.00 The stairway.
28-Jul-2001 09.00 The living room.
28-Jul-2001 09.00 Breakfast (Richard is serving).
28-Jul-2001 09.00 Breakfast. Not everybody can have breakfast at the same time when the group is too big.
28-Jul-2001 09.00 The entrance, completed.
We 05-Sep-2001 One of the top floor rooms ...
We 05-Sep-2001 ... from a different angle.
We 05-Sep-2001 The bed.
We 05-Sep-2001 Bathroom.
We 05-Sep-2001 Ton Ensink's parents were visiting Vancouver.
We 05-Sep-2001 Ton's parents in the living room.
We 05-Sep-2001 Relaxing on the couch.
We 05-Sep-2001 The breakfast room.
We 05-Sep-2001 The front door and the veranda.
Sa 22-Sep-2001 Mark and Karin Jetzer stayed 5 nights at Abelia Bed & Breakfast. They just arrived. They had a wonderful time.
Su 23-Sep-2001 Host Richard and guest Karin in the kitchen. Having fun guys? You bet!
Su 23-Sep-2001 Although Richard never officially opened Abelia Bed & Breakfast we threw in a little opening ceremony. Richard is just about to cut the ribbon.
Su 23-Sep-2001 Champagne to celebrate.
Su 23-Sep-2001 Karin, Mark, Richard and Brendon on the veranda (patio).
Su 23-Sep-2001 Mark, Richard, Ton and Brendon.
Su 23-Sep-2001 The ribbon is finally cut.
Su 23-Sep-2001 Jeannine and Brendon are leaving.
Su 23-Sep-2001 Ton, Karin and Richard at Abelia Bed & Breakfast.

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