Pictures at Crystal Decisions in Vancouver

Ton started working for Crystal Decisions (former Seagate Software) in Vancouver as an Software Development Analyst on Wednesday 24-may-2000. We also have a page with pictures of the river rafting weekend in Chilliwack (July 29 and 30, 2000), filming around of the office and much more on the pictures page.

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Picture Date Description
23-May-2000 12.47 Crystal Decisions (former Seagate Software) head office in downtown Vancouver (840 Cambie Street). There is also another office in downtown Vancouver (1175 Pender Street) and a third office was opened around October 2000 (211 Nelson Street). Today Ton went here to sign the papers.

On the location page you can see the route from Ton's house to work.

28-Jul-2000 18.12 Head office (840 Cambie Street) as seen from the parking lot.
12-Feb-2001 20.00 The section where the BIS resides. This location has no windows. Ton's desk is the one right up front. He worked in this office location from May 2000 until April 2001. The team then moved to another location.
12-Feb-2001 20.00 The BIS Team (Business Information Services).
12-Feb-2001 20.00 Ton's desk.
12-Feb-2001 20.00 Ton's desk.
Fr 27-Apr-2001 A film crew had their equipment set up at the entrance of the alley next to the office. Click here for more filming pictures.
08-May-2001 18.00 Ton's desk after he moved to this office location in April 2001. This location has windows.
08-May-2001 18.00 Ton's desk from another angle.
06-Sep-2001 19.10 Desk at IT Apps.
Th 16-May-2002 Today we moved from the Cambie Street office to the Pender Street office. The picture only shows a small part of the area of downtown Vancouver, but this is part is where the building is located. Click on picture for bigger size.
Tu 21-May-2002 First day at the Pender office (4th floor, south).
Tu 21-May-2002 A look towards the Pender Street below.
Tu 21-May-2002 View from Ton's office.
Tu 21-May-2002 View from Ton's office, slightly different angle.
Tu 21-May-2002 Clean huh?
Mo 23-Dec-2002 Office at 211 Nelson Street
Mo 23-Dec-2002 Ton desk.
Mo 23-Dec-2002 Overview of a part of the department.

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