Pictures from Grouse Mountain (Su 04-Mar-2001)

Click on the pictures for a larger image. Brendon Joseph and Ton went skiing on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. The snow conditions were good and the weather was just perfect. With temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius and a perfect sunny day. We started in the afternoon cruised the slopes until 8 PM.

Picture Date Description
04-Mar-2001 15.00 Helicopter parked at the helipad on grouse Mountain.
04-Mar-2001 15.00 About to take off.
04-Mar-2001 15.00 Just off the ground with Vancouver in the background.
04-Mar-2001 15.00 Dropping off passengers.
04-Mar-2001 15.30 Brendon Joseph on a run called "the cut". From down in the city this part of Grouse Mountain is visible as the lane that comes down the mountain.
04-Mar-2001 15.30 Ton on "the cut". This run is actually longer than you would think if you see it from the city.
04-Mar-2001 15.30 An the view is just magnificent.
04-Mar-2001 16.00 Brendon is having fun at the very top of Grouse Mountain (black run). From here the view of the city, the water and Vancouver Island is even better.
04-Mar-2001 16.00 And the same with Ton in the frame. Unfortunately Mount Baker is too far away to actually show on this picture, but is was perfectly visible from Grouse Mountain today.
04-Mar-2001 18.45 The beautiful sunset with Vancouver Island at the horizon.
04-Mar-2001 18.45 Another view of Vancouver as seen from Grouse Mountain.
04-Mar-2001 17.45 Clearly visible is Stanley Park.
04-Mar-2001 17.50 Just an awesome view over the Georgia Straight towards Vancouver Island.
04-Mar-2001 18.00 Brendon and Ton went for a snack to Grouse's Nest. From here we had a great view towards Stanley Park where you can clearly see the Lions Gate Bridge connecting North and West Vancouver with the park.
04-Mar-2001 18.00 One of the towers of the gondola.
04-Mar-2001 18.00 Close-up of the gondola tower. West Vancouver (British properties) can be seen in the background).
04-Mar-2001 18.00 An engineering drawing of the tower, made by a company from probably Austria (text in German).
04-Mar-2001 18.50 After we had some food and drinks we enjoyed and even more impressive view of Vancouver at night.
04-Mar-2001 18.50 ... from the very top of Grouse Mountain ...
04-Mar-2001 19.00 Brendon with the city lights of Vancouver down below in the background.
04-Mar-2001 19.00 Ton with the city lights of Vancouver down below in the background.

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