Day trip to Garibaldi Park in Squamish, B.C. (05-May-2001)

Today we made a day trip to Squamish for some hiking. In Squamish we took Mamquam road to Garibaldi Park until the Red Heather Day Shelter. At the end the road became somewhat rough so it was good to have the 4x4's with us.

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Picture Date Description
05-May-2001 16.00 Look at the gorgeous view towards the Squamish valley. This parking spot was about 16 kilometers from the main road. After we parked we hiked a small trail for about 45 minutes. There was melt water and here and there some snow left on the trail.
05-May-2001 16.00 Ton's 98 Nissan Pathfinder Chilkoot.
05-May-2001 16.00 Silvia Aidar with Bernie's truck (2000 Chevrolet Blazer)  in the background.
05-May-2001 16.00 From left to right: Regina, Silvia, Bernie, Wendy and Ton.
05-May-2001 16.00 Wild life. This bird is called the Whiskey Jack.
05-May-2001 16.00 Silvia's had some bread crumbs and the birds loved it. They just came sit on our hands ad eat from it. 
05-May-2001 16.00
05-May-2001 16.00 Great view towards the mountains in the south.
05-May-2001 16.00 Again ... the valley.
05-May-2001 16.00 And a view towards the west.
05-May-2001 16.00 A Whiskey Jack in Bernie's hand.
05-May-2001 16.00 Just flew off ...
05-May-2001 16.00 Regina also had a Whiskey Jack eating from her hand.
05-May-2001 16.00 So we all had to try that. Here's Ton with a Whiskey Jack.
05-May-2001 16.00 And Wendy.
05-May-2001 16.00 And Bernie again.
05-May-2001 16.00 And finally Silvia again. There is one sitting on her hand, one in the tree (just above her head) and one on the ground just in front of her feet.

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