Euro 2000 in Vancouver

The following pictures show how Ton prepared and experienced the European soccer championship 2000. The tournament is called "Euro 2000" and Holland and Belgium are hosting the games. This page will hopefully show you how Vancouver sees Holland become European champion and here you can see images of the celebrations that helps the Dutch team to accomplish this goal. The tournament started June 10, 2000 and the final will be on July 2, 2000 in Rotterdam. For more pictures and links see below..

Holland-France: 3-2 (21-Jun-2000, ArenA in Amsterdam)

Holland-France (21-Jun-2000)

For more information, go to the official Euro 2000 web site.  Click on the pictures for a larger image.

Picture Date Description
29-May-2000 Got a big surprise in the mail today. Marie-José Vaanhold and Hans Verbruggen have mailed me this inflatable orange wooden shoe to put on my head (Made in and imported from ...). The official Euro 2000 Dutch team jersey was bought for me in Holland by Hans de Haas. Let the games begin!!! I'm READY.
11-Jun-2000 12.27 First game of the Netherlands in their group was against the Czech Republic (currently rated as number 2 in the world). The Czech's won all of their last 11 games. Ton watched the game at The Bulldog Café in downtown Vancouver. This is located at the corner of Richards Street and Nelson Street.

Holland was very good in the first half, but as you can see the score shows 0-0 (picture was taken live from the TV screen at the Bulldog café).

11-Jun-2000 12.47 The crowd is anxious to see the Dutch score. The second half was for the Czech's. They had at least 4 scoring chances )twice hit the woodwork). Actually ... to be honest ... they had a better chance to win the game. But ...
11-Jun-2000 13.29 In the 89th minute Holland got a penalty after Ronald de Boer was brought down. At this moment Frank de Boer scored the one and only goal for Holland. Everybody at the Bulldog is happy. The last minutes of the game were pretty scared.


11-Jun-2000 14.09 During the game it rained cats and dogs ... it could be a prefect Dutch day (weather wise). After the game Ray, Dimitri and Ton quickly analyzed the game.

Goal !!!Holland-France: 3-2 (ArenA, Amsterdam). Holland is now first in group D with the maximum of 9 points out of 3 games. Next game is against Yugoslavia (the runner up from group C).

25-Jun-2000 Just unbelievable. 6-1 winning score against Yugoslavia. I watched the game @ home at 9 AM (in the morning). What a show !!! Kluivert scored 4 goals (or 3 ...) and Marc Overmars 2. I could believe my eyes when I saw the game on the screen. It was definitely one of the most beautiful games that the Orange Squad ever played. I could post enough pictures to express my happiness, so I'll leave  it at these to.

GO Holland GO !!! To the finals. Italy is next.

  29-Jun-2000 Another black day in the history of Dutch soccer ... and again in the semi-final (fourth time in a row at a big tounament). After another great game against a "none soccer playing" Italy we had to leave the tournament because we didn't do what we had to do. Penalty kicks eventually eliminated Holland. Picture is following.

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