Pictures from Cypress Mountain (23-Jan-2000)

Click on the pictures for a larger image. Frans and Marieke Luit and Ton' ski adventure on Cypress Mountain in Vancouver.

Picture Date Description
Frans and Marieke Luit 23-Jan-2000 18.00 Take One: Ton went skiing with Frans and Marieke Luit on Cypress Mountain. The sky was clear and the temperatures just a few degrees Celcius below zero.
Frans and Marieke, ready to go. 23-Jan-2000 18.01 Take Two: As you can see, Frans and Marieke are ready to go.
Cypress Mountain base. 23-Jan-2000 18.38 A view from the Quad chair down to the base where the restaurant and rental shop are located.
Frans and Marieke Luit in the Quad chair. 23-Jan-2000 18.38 Frans and Marieke on the Quad chair.
"Upper Fork" in the dark ... 23-Jan-2000 18.40 A view from the Quad chair to the "Upper Fork" run. It's to dark to see any details. But he ...  here's at least another picture to fill the page.

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