Pictures from the ski-trip to Whistler (29-Jan-2000)

Click on the pictures for a larger image. Ton went skiing in Whistler with Frans and Marieke Luit. Is was a great day, temperatures between -3 and -7 degrees Celcius and the sky was blue. The snow was perfect and we went to Blackcomb Mountain in the morning and Whislter Mountain in the afternoon.

Picture Date Description

Whistler Blackcomb day pass

29-Jan-2000  The day pass for Whistler and Blackcomb mountain.
Frans Luit in action on Blackcomb Mountain (Cloude 9) 29-Jan-2000 10:18 Frans Luit in action on Cloud Nine (Blackcomb Mountain).
Frans and Marieke Luit in Whistler 29-Jan-2000 10:19 Frans and Marieke Luit on Blackcomb Mountain.
Cloud Nine on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler 29-Jan-2000 10:19 Isn't is a great view? Looking to the west coast mountains of British Columbia as seen from Blackcomb Mountain's ski run called Cloud Nine.
Happy Ton ... 29-Jan-2000 10:21 Ton's going crazy in Whistler.
Pika's Restaurant on Whistler Mountain 29-Jan-2000 13:46 Whistler Mountain restaurant/lodge "Pika's". In the background (looking north) you can look for tenths of kilometers.
Frans and Marieke Luit close together ... 29-Jan-2000 13:47 Zipping in ... Frans and Marieke.
Black Tusk 29-Jan-2000 14:36 Look at this one. From the peak of Whistler Mountain looking at "Black Tusk" (the peak in the middle).
Frans and Marieke 29-Jan-2000 14:37 Frans and Marieke at the top of Whistler Mountain.
Ton on Whistler Mountain 29-Jan-2000 14:37 ... and Ton at the top of Whistler Mountain.

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