12-Jan-2000: Pictures of trip to Weyerhaeuser's Head Office in Federal Way, WA (USA)

Vancouver IT members Jean Latham, Marc Renaud, Helen Smith and Ton Ensink had a meeting with the web development team to discuss the transition plan for IT websites to Weyserhaeuser's "Roots". Click on the pictures for a larger image. Pictures: courtesy of Ton Ensink (Sony Mavica MVC-FD 73 digital still camera).

Marc Renaud and Jean Latham ready for take-off. We left Vancouver's airport around 07.30 AM with the corporate helicopter.
We had to stop at South Boeing Field airport (south of Seattle) to get through US customs.

In the air from South Boeing Field to Federal Way. We flew past downtown Seattle.
Downtown Seattle.

Seattle's Space Needle.

Ton Ensink (l) and Mike Saninno (r). Mike had to attend a different meeting in Federal Way. The headphones eliminate the helicopter's noise and enable the passengers to talk to each other.

Federal Way city in the snow.

The town of Federal Way.
The town of Federal Way.
Weyerhaeuser's Corporate Head Office.
The helicopter landed on one of the two helipads just in front of the building. How convenient ... the flight from Vancouver to Federal Way was approximately 1 hour.
We're here ...
The helicopter is ready for it's next assignment.
One of the entrances of the building.
The Weyerhaeuser store.
One of the long hallways.
View to the lake from the hallway.
The restaurant.
The restaurant from another angle.
IT on the first floor.
Tom Ped's office with a great view on the lake.
Allan Ekberg in his office (cubicle).
A view of one of the parking lots.
From right to left: Helen Smith, Marc Renaud, Allan Ekberg, Terri Quirk, Robin Johnson, Jean Latham, Ton Ensink.
Unfortunately the helicopter was not available to fly us back to Vancouver. We had to leave from Sea-Tac Airport. The plane was a Dash-8 and flew us back in 40 minutes.
Sea-Tac Airport.
Sea-Tac Airport.
A look from the plane to interstate highway I-5 between Seattle and the Canadian border.
Canadian customs at Vancouver International Airport.

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