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MD-11 right wing
MD-11 right wing

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Ton is voor de tweede keer in Nederland geweest sinds Eline en hij naar Vancouver zijn verhuisd (in oktober 1995). Hoofdzakelijk om familie, vrienden en kennissen te bezoeken en de bruiloft van Coos Visser bij te wonen als een van zijn getuigen. Helaas kon niet iedereen bezocht worden. Eline bleef in Vancouver, haar derde bezoek was in november 1998 terwijl Ton in november 1997 voor het laatst in Nederland was. Ton's vlucht werd op 7 april 1999 geboekt.

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Ton has visited The Netherlands for the second time since Eline and he moved to Vancouver (in October 1995). Mainly to visit family and friends and to join Coos Visser's wedding as one of his best men. Unfortunately not everybody could be visited. Eline stayed in Vancouver, her third visit was in November 1998 while Ton's last visit took place in November 1997. Ton's flight was booked on 07-Apr-1999.

KLM air ticket

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Vluchtschema (5Y83YD)
Flight no. Departure Arrival Seat Departure airport Arrival airport
KL 682 - MD 11 We 28 Apr 19.05 Th 29 Apr 13.30 32H 20K
Amsterdam Schiphol
KL 681 - MD 11 We 12 May 16.15 We 12 May 17.05 26K
Amsterdam Schiphol
Vancouver Intl
Voor meer zitplaatsen informatie, zie KLM's McDonnell Douglas MD-11 inrichting. Ticket arriveerde op 19-Apr-1999 (CAD 811,60 = NLG 1125,00 = EUR 510,50). For seat information, see KLM's McDonnell Douglas MD-11 interior. Ticket arrived on 19-Apr-1999 (CAD 811.60 = NLG 1125.00 = EUR 510.50).

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Wednesday 28-Apr-1999

19.05: Departure from Vancouver International Airport with KLM flight KL 282. The plane was a McDonnell Douglas MD-11: named "Annie Romein". Michel Goudswaard checked in at the same time, he flew back to Holland after a 9 months geography study at the University of Victoria. Besides Michel, me and our suitcases we had to check in the didgeridoo of Henne Westerink. This musical instrument had to fly in the animal compartment. During the flight we saw the movie "You've got mail" (starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan) and I was able to sleep for about one hour. Just before take-off I set my watch to the European timezone and started to live by it. I must admit that it really helped a lot, because I hardly had jet-lag problems.

Thursday 29-Apr-1999

13.45: The aircraft landed 45 minutes before schedule because it took advantage of a strong jet stream between North America and Europe. At Schiphol airport Henne picked his didgeridoo and me up and drove me all the way to Oldenzaal. That was very nice of him to make this 1.5 hour detour. He stayed for a beer and went home.

18.00: My brother Henk, his wife Yvonne and their two kids Maaike and Anke came to my parents house for a visit. I hadn't seen them since November 1997. We had diner together (homemade chicken, salad, mushrooms and fries) and after Henk, Yvonne, Maaike and Anke had left I checked out Dutch TV to see if anything major had changed and to watch the latest news. The TV commercials learned me that in some regions of Holland the @Home cable internet service is expected to go live soon. @Home teamed up with cable company Castel.

23.30: I went to bed and I must admit I wasn't that tired. Apparently it helped a lot to get adjusted to the time difference by setting the clock just before I left Vancouver.

Friday 30-Apr-1999

08.30: Eline called me from Vancouver. I had a good night sleep and it wasn't hard to get started for the day. After breakfast I watched parts of the "Konninginnedag" (Queens Day) festivities on TV. Today was a national statutory holiday and the whole country waved the national flags a was in the 'orange' mood. The queen mother turned 90 today, on of the princes turned 60, it was the 50th time the festivities were held and it was April 30 (look at the numbers, funny huh?).

Ensink family My father and brother, my mother and Yvonne, and Maaike and Anke.

13.30: We arrived at my brothers' house. We had to leave right away to De Lutte for a game of mini-golf and a diner (17.30) at respectively Florilympha and Paviljoen.

Minigolf in De Lutte

19.00: Back to Henk's house were we stayed until 24.00. After I had driven my parents home I went to 'downtown' Oldenzaal and paid a quick visits to two of my former 'pubs' were I used to hang out (Hypotheekje and 't Geveltje). After a short chat with the owners I returned to my parents home. Oldenzaal's night live is not what it used to be ... so quiet.

Saturday 01-May-1999

11.00: Did some repair and settings work on the laptop of my father.

15.00: Some 'sightseeing in downtown Oldenzaal' where I noticed some small structural changes, like the construction side of "De Driehoek". And of course had to take a big 0.5 liter glass (teiltje) of Heineken a bar "'t Gevelte". I also visited Stef van der Woning's father very briefly.

18.00: Back home and talked to the neighbor (Bloemen).

21.00: Visited Peter and Annette Bussmann and ...

24.00: Joined my brother Henk at bar "De Engel".

02.00: Had a 'broodje Shoarma' (large size) with Henk and then we both went home.

Sunday 02-May-1999

13.00: I arrived at Daan & Arianne in Utrecht. The weather was nice and warm so we spent the afternoon sitting on the balcony.

At Daan and Arianne's balcony at their appartment in Utrecht. Daan and Arianne's appartment in Utrecht

17.30: Arrival at Peter & Marianne in Breukelen, where I stayed overnight). We went to Amsterdam with their neighbours Maarten and Nancy. To Pizzeria "Pinoccio" at Rembrandt Square and pub"De Kroon".

00.30: Back in Breukelen. And ...

02.10: Time to sleep.

Monday 03-May-1999

11.00: Wake-up for breakfast.

13.30: Arrival in Heiloo to visit Warren McNee. His wife Sabrina and daughter Danielle just happened to be back in Victoria for holidays at her parents' place. Warren and I went for an afternoon at the beach (North Sea) in Egmont Aan Zee.

19.00: Warren and I went to a Mexican restaurant close to the world-famous cheese market in Alkmaar.

21.00: After spending minutes for the Velsertunnel I arrived in Velserbroek to visit Peter Luit, his wife Theresa and son Joost (daughter Rosita already went to bed).

23.00: Peter made a phone call to Vancouver where we talked to Marieke Huisman.

00.30: After 45 minutes on the highway I arrived back at Peter and Marianne in Breukelen and went to bed.

Tuesday 04-May-1999

07.30: Wake-up and breakfast.

08.30: Back to Oldenzaal. because of the traffic jams around Utrecht, Peter escorted me to highway A28 by showing me the best route.

Peter as a motor cycle police man (smokie) Peter gave me a private police escort to highway A28.

12.00: Diner @ my parents home.

19.00: Visited Marie-Jose Vaanhold in Enschede.

21.00: With Marie-Jose Vaanhold to pizzeria Pinoccio in Enschede.

23.30: Back to my parents' home.

Wednesday 05-May-1999

11.00-12.00 Checked my email.

12.00-12.40 Visited Jan Steenbeeke's company.

12.45-13.45 Visited my brother Henk, Yvonne, Maaike and Anke.

13.45-14.30 Oldenzaal-Coevorden trip by car.

14.30-16.45 I visited my former employer Transportgroep van der Graaf in Coevorden.

16.45-17.30 Driving from Coevorden to Zuidlaren.

17.30-18.30 Arrival in Zuidlaren (Eline's parents house): Eline's brother Marcel, Gerda, Guido and Marlies were there too for about one hour.

Van Gelder family Marcel, Gerda, Eline's father and mother, Guido and Marlies

20.30-21.30 Diner with Eline's parents at their home.

21.30-24.00 I spent the night chatting with Eline's parents.

At home with Eline's parens (Zuidlaren). At Eline's parents home

00.10 To bed.

Thursday 06-May-1999

09.00 It was a surprise to have Eline on the phone so early in the morning. This day was the first day of rain. Until now the weather has been good to me.

11.00 Breakfast at Eline's parent's home.

13.00 Eline's parents took me to Groningen via Vries where we looked at Marcel van Gelder's new house. In Groningen we parked in the new parking at Ossemarkt (spiral form).

Vries Marcel van Gelder's new house in Vries.

14.00 We had a snack at Cafe Forum (broodje zalmsalade + Leffe Tripel beer).

15.00 We went to a music store where I received a "Herman Finkers" CD (Van zijn elpee) for my birthday from Eline's parents. This CD still wasn't available in my collection of Herman Finkers.

17.30-18.35 Driving from Zuidlaren to Leeuwarden.

18.45 Diner at Coos and Cisca's home in Leeuwarden, where we stayed that evening.

24.00 To bed.

Friday 07-May-1999

10.00-12.30 People gathered together for coffee and sandwiches in the garden of Coos and Cisca's house at Kamgras in Leeuwarden. This is where I met a lot of Coos and Cisca's family and friends.

12.30-01.00 Wedding party Coos Visser & Ciska Plas (Leeuwarden, stay overnight). The ceremony started in the city hall of Leeuwarden (see picture below) where I was one of Coos' best men and then continued in the church. After the ceremonies we went to the venue where the pary started in the afternoon. Although the day before we had some clouds and rain, today was a beautiful day. At around 19.30 more guests joined the party. I had a great day with Coos' best friend Ferdinand Salverda, who I first met this morning. We had lots of fun.

Ceremony at the Leeuwarden city hall. From this day on, Coos and Cisca are man and wife. Congratulations. Coos and Cisca, almost husband and wife Visser

01.30-03.00 Chatting with Ferdinand Salverda at my hotel room (both having a Heineken).

Saturday 08-May-1999

08.30 Wake-up call.

09.30 Breakfast with Cisca, Coos and their parents at the hotel.

09.30-12.00 I helped the newly wedded ones to move their gifts from the party venue to their home.

12.15-13.00 Driving from Leeuwarden to Groningen. Bautiful spring day.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm ...

13.00 I went shopping in Groningen, we I had a Westmalle Trappist Tripel (Belgium beer with 9% alcohol) at the terrace of "De Groote Griet" at De Grote Markt in Groningen. There was also a fair going on with the same kind of 'bungy' attraction (50 guilders p.p.) as at the PNE in Vancouver.

17.00 I visited Ronald Faber and his girl friend.

18.30 Arrival at Henne Westerink's home for diner.

20.00 With Henne to "Het Feijthuys" where I met Myriam Ankone and Eline's parents. -->

Darn, forgot my credit card ... run!



22.00-01.00 Meeting at the home of Janet Dekker and Ronald Pen.

Sunday 09-May-1999

10.00-14.30 Working to get my father's laptop upgraded (at Henne's home in Groningen).

Better run your car on liquor ... 14.30-16.30 After fueling the car (45 liters for ƒ 99,00 = 99 guilders !) I drove from Groningen to Oldenzaal where I bought a present for mother's day. The same amount of fuel would cost around ƒ 0,60 in Vancouver.

16.30-20.30 Arrived at my parent's home.

20.30-00.30 I had a rendez-vouz with Peter Bussmann, Jan Steenbeeke and Gerald Olde Keizer at pub 't Hypotheekje. Gerald gave me a free copy of the "750 Year Oldenzaal" CD.

00.30-02.00 Walking home, where I had several stops at particular places in Oldenzaal that brought back some memories.

Monday 10-May-1999

13.00-16.00 New attempt to get the pcmcia-modem in my dad's laptop to work.

16.00-18.00 Shopping in 'downtown' Oldenzaal and visited the post office to see some old colleagues (Sandra and Anet where working).

21.00-23.45 Visited Stef and Monique van der Woning at their new house in Denekamp.

Tuesday 11-May-1999

11.00 After buying cigars for Efren Tello I visited the radio studio of Radio Oldenzaal (local station) with Jan Steenbeeke.

15.00 Peter Bussmann showed me the radio studio of Radio Oost, a regional station. I also met Jaap Even, Peter and Maurice Velthuis.

17.45 When I arrived at my parents home I was welcomed by my aunt Sien and my cousin Gerard.

19.30 I spent the last night in Oldenzaal with my parents at my brothers house. In the evening I had to pick up a CD at the Radio Oldenzaal studio, created by Maarten Leeuw.

24.00 Back home, watched the national news show.

Wednesday 12-May-1999

 09.00 Waking up, breakfast and I had to pack my suitcases.

10.45 My parents drove me from Oldenzaal to the train station in Hengelo.

11.37 Train trip from Hengelo to Amsterdam-Schiphol (F 38,50).

13.45 Arrival at Schiphol Airport. After passing the customs I did some duty free shopping (2 bottles of champagne, cheese, chocolat, cigars) and had a beer at the bar. I spent my final Dutch money here.

16.38 Flight back from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (where we had sunny skies and 21 degrees Celsius) to Vancouver in an MD-11 (the plane's name was Maria Callas). The expected flight time was 9.5 hours. We had a delay (original departure was planned at 16.15) because a passenger didn't show up so his suitcase had to be removed from the plane.

KLM's MD-11

KLM's MD-11

In-flight diner: beef stew. The first movie we saw was "Meet Joe Black" (starring Brad Pitt). Joe Black actually is "Death" and just picked a body to come to earth and meet people. He meets Bill (Anthony Hopkins) who he has to 'take away', when he falls in love with Bill's daughter. The second movie was "Enemy of the state", starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman. During the whole flight it was cloudy and the forecast for Vancouver was also cloudy, rain and 9 degrees Celsius). The plane approached the airport coming from the east.

17.35 Arrival at Vancouver International Airport after a 9.5 hour flight. During the drive to the gate I already phoned Eline who had arrived to pick me up. I entered CAN $ 100 on the customes' declaratin forms to be on the safe side. Despite my 'honesty' they decided to check (X-ray) my lugage. I had too much alcoholic drinks with me in my suitcase, I saw the bottles in my suitcases on screen. Oh, oh. I had to decide if I wanted to keep 2 bottles of champagne, a bottle of rum, a bottle of Passoa and a bottle of brandy (cognac). Keeping it all would cost me more that the individual bottles so I decided to just keep the champagne. I still had to pay CAN $ 5.21 becauase I was 0.3 liter over the 1.4 liter limit. Two officers handled my payment. Hooray, the government of British Columbia is now CAN $ 5.21 richer ...!!! And 3 bottles of boose. And they also kept my two "Unox rookworsten". It is not allowed to import any kind of meat. So you can imagine that I was furious.

18.30 I finally arrived in the arrival hall of the airport and met Eline.

Thursday 13-May-1999

Back to work in Vancouver.

Canadian maple leaf


Dag / Day Date / Datum Nederlands English
We/Wo 28 April Eerst nog werken, daarna per vliegtuig naar Amsterdam om 19.05 uur. First working, then the flight to Amsterdam at 7.05 PM.
Th/Do 29 April Aankomst in Nederland om 13.30 uur. Henne Westerink komt me daar ophalen en brengt me met de auto naar Oldenzaal. Arrival in The Netherlands at 1.30 PM. Henne Westerink is driving me from the airport to Oldenzaal.
Fr/Vr 30 April Koninginnedag. Ik ben dan in Oldenzaal. Queens Day. I will stay in Oldenzaal.
Sa/Za 01 May Dag van de arbeid. Vrijgezellenfeest van Coos Visser in (kan ik waarschijnlijk niet bij zin) ???. Bezoek Marcel en Evelien, MJ Vaanhold, Stef en Monique? Labor Day. Bachelor party for Coos Visser in (I probably have to pass) ???. Visit Marcel and Evelien, MJ Vaanhold, Stef and Monique?
Su/Zo 02 May Peter en Marianne (Breukelen), Daan van Tongeren en Arianne ('s middags in Utrecht), Rein en Deborah (Hoorn), Sybren en Ketsya en Mateus en Corinne (Middenbeemster). Overnachten in Breukelen? Peter and Marianne (Breukelen), Daan van Tongeren and Arianne (afternoon in Utrecht), Rein and Deborah (Hoorn), Sybren and Ketsya (not sure yet). Stay in Breukelen?
Mo/Ma 03 May Vervolg van 2 mei. Continuing from May 2nd.
Tu/Di 04 May Herdenkingsdag. Memorial Day.
We/Wo 05 May Bevrijdingsdag. 's Middags vanuit Oldenzaal via Coevorden (TPG) naar Eline's ouders in Zuidlaren en overnachting daar. Liberation Day. In the afternoon from Oldenzaal via Coevorden (TPG) to Eline's parents in Zuidlaren and stay there overnight.
Th/Do 06 May Naar Leeuwarden vandaag. Ik blijf daar vanavond bij Coos thuis overnachten. Is er wel genoeg bier in huis, Coos? Going to Leeuwarden today to stay there at Coos' place. I hope he has enough beer...
Fr/Vr 07 May Bruiloft van Coos Visser in Leeuwarden. Daarna overnachten in een hotel. Wedding Coos Visser in Leeuwarden. Staying in a hotel after the party.
Sa/Za 08 May Van Leeuwarden naar Groningen en 's avonds stappen (?) in Groningen en overnachten bij Henne Westerink. From Leeuwarden to Groningen for a 'pub night' (?) and stay overnight at Henne Westerink.
Su/Zo 09 May Moederdag. Hoogstwaarschijnlijk in Oldenzaal. En stappen met de 'oale bloazers' van de Twente Keerlkes? Mothersday. Possibly in Oldenzaal. And having a pub night (or afternoon) with some old fellow musicians 'De Twente Keerlkes'?
Mo/Ma 10 May Verblijf in Oldenzaal om wat vrienden te bezoeken. Stay in Oldenzaal to visit some friends.
Tu/Di 11 May Verblijf in Oldenzaal om wat vrienden te bezoeken. Stay in Oldenzaal to visit some friends.
We/Wo 12 May Op onze trouwdag: vertrek uit Nederland en aankomst in Canada. On our anniversary: departure from The Netherlands and arrival in Canada.
Th/Do 13 May Weer aan het werk. Back to work.

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