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Water fun and BBQ

Su 22-Jul-2012: Since last Friday Danique has 6 weeks summer vacation. The past weeks felt like fall, with temperatures just around 15 degrees. Sometimes even less. But since yesterday temperatures were rising and today we had 22 degrees. Rein, Deborah, Tessa and Mitchell were visiting and we asked them to bring their swim suites. We pulled out our inflatable swimming pool, the water pistols and the rocket water fountain … water fun for kids. In the afternoon we served a bbq dinner. See pictures below, click on each of them to enlarge.

Jumping in Blokker


Su 06-Nov-2011: Danique is jumping on the trampoline wit Tessa and Mitchell in Rein and Deborah’s backyard. We also visited the harbour of Hoorn.

Visitors from Blokker

25-Jun-2011: Rein, Deborah, Tessa and Mitchell visited us for a bbq dinner. We had to bbq under the sunscreen to protect us from the rain.


Sa 26-Feb-2011: We visited Rein, Deborah, Tessa and Mitchell.

26-Feb-2011: Tessa and Danique in Blokker.

26-Feb-2011: Tessa and Danique in Blokker.