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Fr 30-Nov-2012: André Rieu in Ziggo Dome (Amsterdam)

Fr 30-Nov-2012: Tonight we went to the André Rieu concert in the Ziggo Dome (Amsterdam) with Henk and Yvonne. Our parents were also invited as the concert tickets were our gift for their 55th anniversary in June of this 2012. Unfortunately mom was not feeling well enough to join us, so she stayed home with dad. We had sold their tickets online on the day of the concert but we all have decided to go to the concert anyways.

P.S. Danique slept over at Femke’s house for the first time.

55th Anniversairy grandma and grandpa Ensink

Su 10-Jun-2012: Today we celebrated the 55th anniversairy of grandma and grandpa Ensink. They got married on 06-Jun-1957.

Danique’s sleepover at Henk and Yvonne

Sa 21-Jan-2012: Danique was very exited to stay at Henk and Yvonne tonight for a sleepover, while Sjoukje and Ton enjoyed the sub tropical swimming paradise at Preston Palace in Almelo.

Su 22-Jan-2012 15.00: Sjoukje an Ton picked up Danique at Henk en Yvonne. After visiting grandma and grandpa they went home.