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Our new furniture has arrived

Today our new furniture was delivered. A dining table with 4 chairs, a tv table and a cabinet. They are all made of teak. On Saturday 23-Jul-2011 we mounted the tv to the wall and finished the positions of the surround sound system. Danique is posing with her favourite K3 singers.


Our chairs are gone


Today Mateus and Cerise picked up our 4 white chairs from the dining table. On Tuesday we will receive our new furniture, see pictures below. The new pieces of furniture were ordered in March. And … Danique was helping Sjoukje in the kitchen … they were baking fresh mushroom cookies (the healthy kind). She was all dressed up like a pastry chef.

Our new furniture

New furniture

13-Mar-2011: We purchased a brand new set of teak furniture (dining table, tv table, cabinet) and 4 new chairs. They will be delivered sometime in July.