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Sa 12-Oct-2013: Peter, Froukje, Jelte and Dettie were visiting

Sa 12-Oct-2013: Peter, Froukje, Jelte and Dettie were visiting for Sjoukje and Danique’s birthday.


Th 02-Aug-2012: Today Sjoukje and Danique spent the day on Ameland (one of the Dutch islands in the north) with Froukje and Dettie. They took the ferry in the morning and afternoon.

Froukje’s birthday party with bbq

Sa 07-Jul-2012 14.00-20.30: Froukje and Peter celebrated Froukje’s birthday (which was back in June) today with a bbq dinner. We also walked to the lake side in Grou, which is famous for its touristic sailing season.

Workshop “clog painting”

Saturday 26-May-2012: Froukje, Dettie and Sjoukje attended a “clog painting” workshop in Leeuwarden. And they also had dinner togther at “De Walrus” restaurant.

Peter and Dettie were visiting

Sa 21-Apr-2012: Today Dettie and Peter were visiting to celebrate Peter (March 28) and Ton’s (April 1) birthday parties. Due to the flu Froukje had to stays at home. Click multiple time to enlarge the photos.

BBQ at Peter and Froukje

26-Jun-2011: BBQ at Peter and Froukje to celebrate her birthday. It was a very beautiful day with sunny skies, a nice temperature with a smooth breeze.

From Heerenveen to Haarlem

Sa 28-May-2011: In the afternoon Sjoukje went shopping in Heerenveen with Dettie and Froukje. In the evening we visited Anita and Mateus in Haarlem for the 21th birthday party of Anita’s son.

Froukje & Peter

19-Feb-2011: We visited Froukje and Peter.