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Water fun and BBQ

Su 22-Jul-2012: Since last Friday Danique has 6 weeks summer vacation. The past weeks felt like fall, with temperatures just around 15 degrees. Sometimes even less. But since yesterday temperatures were rising and today we had 22 degrees. Rein, Deborah, Tessa and Mitchell were visiting and we asked them to bring their swim suites. We pulled out our inflatable swimming pool, the water pistols and the rocket water fountain … water fun for kids. In the afternoon we served a bbq dinner. See pictures below, click on each of them to enlarge.

Froukje’s birthday party with bbq

Sa 07-Jul-2012 14.00-20.30: Froukje and Peter celebrated Froukje’s birthday (which was back in June) today with a bbq dinner. We also walked to the lake side in Grou, which is famous for its touristic sailing season.

BBQ with neighbours

Su 20-May-2012: Today we invited our neighbours Michel, Rebecca and Eliza for a bbq dinner. We were very fortunate, because it had rained all morning while in the afternoon the weather turned to be wonderful.

BBQ time

Saturday 19-May-2012: The weather is great today. Around 20 degrees with a mix of sun and cloud. Today the BBQ will be cleaned after having been covered during the winter season. The Weber Q-220 is now entering its 5th season and is still going strong. Next thing on the list today will be a trip to the butcher. There’s is also nice (bbq) weather in the forecast for the coming week.

http://www.ton-ensink.com/images/Serie20/IMGP2195.JPG (when the BBQ was still new: 24-Apr-2008)

First bbq of the season


Today we enjoyed 16 degrees (Celsius) at the Wassenaar beach. We are closing off this great spring day with a Canadian bbq feast at Michel and Celine’s place in Leidschendam. In the picture is Michel’s Canadian cooking machine “President’s Choice” (from the Superstore). Enjoy the lovely spiced chicken with spinach pasta.

Scissor bbq

30-Jul-2011: Today we met with Peter, Petra, Zoë, Joëlle, Quinn, Eco and Gusta for a BBQ dinner. Peter and Petra provided the ingredients while we brought the mobile bbq.

Coos 50 years

09-Jul-2011 16.00: Last Tuesday 05-Jul-2011 Coos turned 50. Today there was a surprise BBQ Party organized for him, his friends and family at his home in Leeuwarden. The party was held in their newly landscaped garden.

Ton also shot this short video of a bag pipe serenade to Coos.

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BBQ at Peter and Froukje

26-Jun-2011: BBQ at Peter and Froukje to celebrate her birthday. It was a very beautiful day with sunny skies, a nice temperature with a smooth breeze.

BBQ with Has and Meritxell

Mo 25-Apr-2011 16.00-20.00: Our neighbours Has and Meritxell came over for a bbq dinner.

Mo 25-Apr-2011: Has and Meritxell joined us for a bbq dinner.

Mo 25-Apr-2011: Has and Meritxell joined us for a bbq dinner.

BBQ on the roof

Su 24-Apr-2011: We were invited at Maria’s new home in Hilversum for a bbq on the roof.