Vancouver location

This page shows Ton’s current location as of October 2000 in downtown Vancouver (West End). Close locations are:

- Downtown Vancouver, bars, pubs, clubs, English Bay, Stanley Park, stadiums, etc. (walking distance, minutes)
- Ton’s office at Crystal Decisions (25 minutes walking, 10 minutes on bycicle)
Airport (20 minutes by car)
- Local skiing mountains - Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain (30 minutes by car)
- Whistler (1.5 hours by car)
- Earth quake area (0 meters)

- Live images from the web cam.
- For more pictures of the apartment (and other pictures) go to the picture gallery.
- Click to see the route that Ton is biking from house to work (aerial picture 261 kb.) and vice versa (weather permitting).
Virtual tour of Vancouver (great 360 degree pictures) New
- Or try to find my house or yours on this magnificent map of our planet (395 Kb.)
- Zoomable map of Vancouver (pdf format)

A sweeping panorama view of the neighbourhood. From left to right: Kitsilano, Burrard Bridge, English Bay, Pacific Street, Downtown Vancouver, Burrard Street. Ton’s location is pointed out with an arrow. Here is the web cam located. Click on the image to enlarge.

Ton's neighbourhood

Source: (click here for original image, taken on Sunday 04-Mar-2001)

Granville Island, Granville Bridge and Burrard Bridge This is an aerial picture of Granville Island, located under the Granville Bridge (front). The Burrard bridge is located at the top of the picture. Kitsilano is located on the left site of the picture and the downtown Vancouver area starts at the right site of the two bridges. English Bay is located outside (above) the picture. 

Granville Island

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