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2003-2004 Season (not available)
2002-2003 Season (6 times)
2001-2002 Season (16 times)
2000-2001 Season (16 times)
1999-2000 Season (21 times)
1998-1999 Season (26 times)
1997-1998 Season (27 times)
1996-1997 Season (37 times)
Equipment (+ for sale)  

Vancouver 2010

Since beginning with ski lessons in November 1996 I skied on a regular (weekly) basis on Cypress Mountain (see picture) during the winter season until 2001.This local ski area is located 30 minutes by car from my house. Since 2001 Whistler/Blackcomb is my playground, but I also visit other ski areas like Grouse Mountain (see also more interesting stuff). 

Downhill skiing totally got me! I’m very confident on the blue runs now (and the easy black ones … by the way … the color codes are different from the codes used in Europe) and I’m having a lot of fun. The ski season here starts in November and lasts until April or May. In Whistler the season ends around August.

Vancouver, The Burrard Inlet in winter with snow on Grouse Mountain. That you also see snow in downtown Vancouver is very rare. Snowfall in the city happens only a few times a year. But it never stays long, because the temperatures are to high to keep the snow in the city. Cleaning the roads almost never happens, because the snow will almost disappear automatically.


Ton’s equipment
Skis Atomic CARV/X 9.18 (Blue, 180 cm.), see my skies.
Bindings Salomon S 700 + riser plate
Ski Poles Head
Ski Pants Colombia – Titanium
Goggles Gordini
UV Sun Glasses Oakley
Gloves Kombi (Gore-Tex)
Jacket Colombia – Titanium (Red, Gore-Tex)
Shoes Raichle GX 3.8

Our equipment for sale

For Sale
Skis Kästle TCX 06 (178 cm), from January 1997. Very well maintained and in perfect condition. Not used since December 1998. No poles or boots.
Bindings Salomon Quadrax (included)
Price CAN $ 40 (non negotiable, taxes included)
Call (604) 618-5383 for details


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