Vancouver Skyline


Besides skiing and other sports during the winter months Vancouver has a lot of outdoor sports to offer in the summer. Like roller blading, biking or playing golf in the summer. There a plenty of golf courses to practice the sport. Ton’s first golf experience was on 12-May-2001 when Brendon Joseph took Ton to the driving range of the McCleery Golf Course near Vancouver Airport. To learn playing the proper way right from the start Ton is also taking golf lessons this season at the McCleery Golf Course and has started the first lesson in May. You can click on the pictures to enlarge.




12-May-2001: Ton’s first ever time he played golf. Brendon Joseph was a great teacher.

Ton's very first time playing golf (driving range)

Ton's first golf set Before lesson number 9 Ton bought his very first golf set (Infiniti Millenium), golf bag, towel and wood covers. Lesson 9 took place on a real fairway (first time) where we did 2 holes. Ton finished both of them with a bogey … is that a handicap 18 for a starter? After the lesson I joined Brendon at the driving range at Eagle Quest to try out the new clubs.

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