Vacation Italy – Aug 2012

Vacation Italy 2012

Vacation Italy 2012

This page contains a link to our vacation pictures and short diary (see below) of our vacation at the Adriatic Coast in Nothern Italy in August 2012. All pictures are available in 2 different views, please choose your favorite:

Tuesday 14-Aug-2012

Last night and today Danique didn’t feel well. She had to throw up slime a few times. We decided to monitor her status and to leave anyways. During the day we noticed some red spots on her upper arms and legs.

11.00: We left home on our way to Italy at KM 31699. Our target is to stay overnight in the area of Munich or even better, in Austria.

21.30: After having travelled for 945 kilometers we arrived in Salzburg (Austria) where we stayed at Hotel Hubertshof (Salzburg-Anif).

Wednesday 15-Aug-2012

11.00: After breakfast we left Salzburg towards Venice, Italy.

16.15: Arrival at Camping Ca’Savio ( near Venice at KM 33078. In total we drove 1379 kilometers from home to our final destination. After checking in at the camp registration office and visiting the Vacansoleil ( booth we were guided to our mobile home. A staff member of Vacansoleil “biked” us to our site. We followed het by car.

20.30: We had pizza and pasta dinner at the camping restaurant.

Thursday 16-Aug-2012

10.00: We planned to drive to Jesolo to do some grocery shopping. The number of cars occupying the road to Jesolo forced us to turn around halfway (and 30 minutes later for 6 kilometers). At a kind of hardware store we bought beach stuff like towels, a beach caddy and two umbrella’s.

15.00-17.00: We visited the main swimming pool at the camping main entrance. We also decided to buy a value card for 40 hours of Syntek air conditioning use in the mobile home (€ 20.00). It really seems worth having the option to cool down the mobile home if the thermometer shows 38 degrees (Celsius) inside.

Friday 17-Aug-2012

13.00-18.00: In the afternoon we visited the camping swimming pool at lane 13.

20.30-21.30: After dinner Danique enjoyed the Kids Disco by the animation team.

Saturday 18-Aug-2012

11.00-15.00: First day at the camp site beach. It was quite a hot day and we spent most of the afternoon in the water and under our umbrella’s. Despite all the sun protection we got somewhat sunburned.

16.00-18.00: To cool down from the beach we went to the camping swimming pool.

20.30-21.30: After dinner Danique enjoyed the Kids Disco by the animation team.

Sunday 19-aug-2012

13.00: In the afternoon we drove to Lignano, to camping Pino Mare. This is a place Ton visited for a few years in his teenage years with friends. At the campground we visited the beach bar (at 37 degrees Celsius) and the swimming pool.

19.00: We visited the town center of Lignano Pineta where we had dinner at pizza restaurant.

22.00: We drove back to Cavallino, to camping Ca’Savio. This is a 90 minute drive.

Monday 20-Aug-2012

We spent the day at the camping pool with the pirate ship. Danique got to practice her swimming techniques. She loved to play, especially under water and with the Styrofoam tube. In the evening she attended the kids disco at the main stage.

Tuesday 21-Aug-2012

Today we spent the afternoon in the village or town of Caorle. In the evening we visited the “shopping street” near the campground Ca’Savio, where we bought a scooter for Danique. She also jumped on the trampoline and drove on the electrical motorcycles.

Wednesday 22-Aug-2012

We spent the whole day at the beach.

Thursday 23-Aug-2012

15.00: We boarded a real pirate ship (see for an adventurous trip at the Adriatic Sea.

16.30: After our adventure at sea we rested at the beach.

Friday 24-Aug-2012

10.00: We boarded the ACTV ferry at Punta Sabbioni and headed to Venice (about 30 minutes sail). Our tickets were also valid for the public transport boats in Venice. In Venice we strolled the tiny streets of the ancient city and also visited San Marco Square. We then took the public transit boat a few stops along the Venice River where we also crossed the famous bridge …..

16.15: After our late lunch we took the ferry back from Venice to Punta Sabbioni. From there it was only a 6 km. drive to our camping Ca’Savio.

18.00-19.00: To cool down we visited the main swimming pool at Ca’Savio.

Saturday 25-Aug-2012

12.00: Today we spent at the main swimming pool at camping Ca’Savio.

18.00: Wen went shopping and dining in Cavallino.

20.30-21.30: Danique enjoyed attending the kid’s disco event.

23.00: Ton went to the beach to watch the band play at the beach club, when suddenly synchronous fireworks started at the beach. From around 10 locations exactly the same fireworks were launched to the sky. When Ton walked back to Sjoukje and Danique he tripped over a block of concrete at the entrance from the beach to the camping and injured his right hand and foot. He had to limp back to the mobile home where his wounds had to be treated.

Sunday 26-Aug-2012

Today we wake up with our first rain shower since our arrival. So far the days have been sunny and hot with day time temperatures around or above 30 degrees (Celsius). Most days we measured 33+ degrees. Later we found out that the last 3 months had been without any rain and that these mornings were the first rain drop since the draught. It had been one of the warmest summers on record.

12.00: After a one and a half hour drive to cover 20 kilometers to from the camping to Jesolo due to the extensive amount of traffic we visited SeaLife. There was a 30 minute lineup. The complete tour takes about 2 hours.

16.00: We had Panini with Café Nuté (very recommended). That’s coffee with Nutella and foam. At home we will try to find the recipe (at

18.00: Very heavy thundershowers upon arrival at the camping. Sjoukje went shopping at the camping grocery shop and got totally wet on her way from the store to the car (appr. 5 meters). The road to our mobile home (caravan) was like driving through a grey rain shower with 10 meters of sight ahead of us. Everybody was sheltering somewhere.

Monday 27-Aug-2012

In the afternoon we went to the beach and later to the swimming pool.

Tuesday 28-Aug-2012

14.00: Visiting the beach bar for lunch.

16.00-17.30: At the swimming pool.

17.00-18.30: Danique jumped on the inflatable kuschens at the play area.

19.00-20.00: Dinner at the camping restaurant.

20.30-21.30: Last time for Danique to attend the Kids Disco.

22.30-23.30: Packing first part our stuff in preparation for our return trip tomorrow.

Wednesday 29-Aug-2012

08.00-10.00: Breakfast, packing our final stuff and last round of cleaning in the mobile home.

10.30: Starting our trip back home at KM 33470 from Camping Ca’Savio in Cavallino (Italy).

14.30-16.30: We met Michel and Celine in St. Michael im Lungau, between Villach and Salzburg (Austria). They were heading south from Salzburg to Villach so we used the opportunity to have lunch together.

16.30-23.00: We continued our trip and after a day trip of 759 kilometers we finally ended at a Gasthof Pension Post in Denkendorf (Germany),  between Ingolstadt and Nürnberg. We stayed here for the night.

Thursday 30-Aug-2012

10.00: After breakfast we continued our last 705 kilometers home bound.

18.30: Arrival at home (at KM 34934). Our return trip was 1464 kilometers in total.


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