Sjoukje’s visit to Vancouver

Read about Sjoukje’s trip back to Vancouver from Fr 25-Jul-2003 until Fr 15-Aug-2003.



Sjoukje Van Der Meulen stayed in British Columbia from Thursday 17-Oct-2002 until her departure to Seattle on Monday 28-Oct-2002. It was one of her stops on her 3 month long back packing trip through Canada and the USA. The trip started in Toronto (Hamilton) on 20-Sep-2002. She met Ton on Sunday 20-Oct-2002 in Vancouver, when Joeck Stuyver introduced her on a trip to a cranberry farm. Sjoukje’s trip ended on 20-Dec-2002 when she flew back to Holland from Toronto via Philadelphia.Sjoukje traveled back to Vancouver to stay there between 20/25-Nov-2002 … then … Ton flew to Holland on 24-Dec-2002 to spend time with her until 13-Jan-2003. Sjoukje then flew to Vancouver in March 2003 for her third visit. Ton proposed to Sjoukje on 27-Mar-2003 and she said YES! Now they’re engaged and they are planning for a wedding on 31 July 2004.

Sjoukje was back in Vancouver from 25-Jul-2003 until 15-Aug-2003.


Pictures (Sears, 31-Mar-2003)

Photo Original Number Photos per sheet Inch Centimeters 02 2 5×7 12,5×17,5 07 2 5×7 12,5×17,5 12 (circle) 2 5×7 12,5×17,5 12 2 5×7 12,5×17,5 10 2 5×7 12,5×17,5 14 4 31/2×5 8,75×12,75 09 (b&w) 4 31/2×5 8,75×12,75 04 8 Wallets 6,25×8,75

Sjoukje’s 2002 travel schedule

From To Destination
20-Sep-2002 ?? Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)
?? Th 17-Oct-2002 Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) – Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Th 17-Oct-2002 Mo 28-Oct-2002 Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Mo 28-Oct-2002 Th 31-Oct-2002 Seattle (Washington, USA)
Th 31-Oct-2002 Mo 04-Nov-2002 La Pine (Oregon, USA)
Tu 05-Nov-2002 Th 07-Nov-2002 San Louis Obispo (California, USA)
Th 07-Nov-2002 Mo 11-Nov-2002 San Diego (California, USA)
Mo 11-Nov-2002 Th 14-Nov-2002 Las Vegas (Nevada, USA)
Th 14-Nov-2002 Tu 19-Oct-2002 San Francisco (California, USA)
Tu 19-Oct-2002 Mo 25-Oct-2002 Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Mo 25-Oct-2002 Sa 30-Nov-2002 Chicago (flight from Seattle)
Sa 01-Dec-2002 Th 05-Dec-2002 Washington, D.C. (USA)
Th 05-Dec-2002 Su 08-Dec-2002 Philadelphia (Pennsilvania, USA)
Su 08-Dec-2002 Th 12-Dec-2002 New York City (USA)
Th 12-Dec-2002 Su 15-Dec-2002 Boston (Massachusetts, USA)
Su 15-Dec-2002 Mo 16-Dec-2002 Boston to New York (USA)
Mo 16-Dec-2002 Fr 20-Dec-2002 Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) -> Flight back to Amsterdam

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