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This is the index page for most of the pictures on this web site. The images are categorized per subject. The majority of these pictures are not available on other pages. The picture collection started as of December 1999. There are also links to pages containing pictures from the past. Most of the images are taken with Ton’s digital camera, the Sony Mavica MVC-FD73. Later replaced by a 5 megapixel Pentax Optio S50. Other pictures are scanned. Some pages have to be checked out on a regular basis since pictures are added constantly. Some last updates have been made on 28-nov-2007.

Summer 2000 on Granville Island in VancouverSummer 2000 on Granville Island in Vancouver

Vacations / Holidays

Jamaica 2007New Sjoukje and Ton visited Jamaica. Added: 17-Apr-2007.
South Africa & Lesotho 2006 Sjoukje and Ton visited South Africa & Lesotho. Added: 14-Dec-2005.
Barcelona 2005 Sjoukje and Ton visited Barcelona (Spain). Added: 28-Nov-2005.
Toronto & Vancouver (Canada) 2005 Sjoukje and Ton visited Toronto and Vancouver in September (Canada). Added: 30-Sep-2005.
Manchester 2005 Sjoukje and Ton visited Johnny and Yvonne in Manchester (UK). Added: 28-Nov-2005.
Saint Martin 2004 Our honeymoon to the Dutch Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten
Holland 2002 (2) Ton’s vacation report visiting Holland in Dec 2002/Jan 2003. Added: 16-Jan-2003.
Holland 2002 (1) Ton’s vacation report visiting Holland in May/June 2002. Added: 26-Jun-2002.
Holland 2000 Ton’s vacation report visiting Holland in March 2000. Added: 18-Jan-2000. Last update: 18-Mar-2000.
Holland 1999 Ton’s vacation report visiting Holland in April/May 1999.

Events / Miscellaneous / Parties

A day at the beach in Ijmuiden A day at the beach in Holland at -1 C. Added: 29-Jan-2006.
Carnaval in Oldenzaal 06/07-Feb-2005: Carnaval days in Oldenzaal
Our wedding day 31-Jul-2004: Our wedding day in Oenkerk, Friesland (The Netherlands)
Sjoukje Van der Meulen 17-Mar-2003/03-Apr-2003: Sjoukje’s 3rdr stay in Vancouver. Added: 03-Apr-2003.
Nick, Aprile and Winston 08-Nov-2002: Nick, Aprile and Winston came over for dinner. Added: 09-Nov-2002
Sjoukje Van der Meulen 24/28-Oct-2002 + 20/25-Nov-2002: Sjoukje Van der Meulen stayed in Vancouver. Added: 03-Nov-2002
Code Red Fashion Show 09-Oct-2002: Code Red Fashion Show in Vancouver. Added: 09-Oct-2002.
Nick Levens’ wedding party 28-Sep-2002: We started at 16.30 with Nick Levens’ wedding party. Added: 29-Sep-2002.
Nick Levens’ stag party 21-Sep-2002: We started at noon with Nick Levens’ stag party (bachelor party). Added: 22-Sep-2002.
Pool party at Jan Muller’s new house 24-Aug-2002: Great pool party in North Delta @ Jan Muller’s house. Added: 25-Aug-2002.
Goodbye party Marek 18-Aug-2002. Marek’s goodbye party before traveling back to Poland. Added: 19-Aug-2002.
Alex Ritchie in Whistler/Granville Island 17/18-Aug-2002. Alex and Ton visited Whistler and Granville Island (24-Aug-2002). Updated: 25-Aug-2002.
Tall Ships in Steveston Harbour 11-Aug-2002. Richmond Tall Ships 2002. Added: 11-Aug-2002.
Nick & Aprile pre-wedding party 10-Aug-2002. Mexican style pre-wedding party in White Rock. Added: 11-Aug-2002.
Abbotsford Airshow 2002 10-Aug-2002. Started off cool … 28 degrees in the end. Added: 11-Aug-2002.
Trip to Calgary 2/5-Aug-2002: Trip by car to Brendon and Jeannine in Calgary. Added: 11-Aug-2002.
Party at Nick and Aprile’s house 13-Jul-2002: Party at Nick and Aprile’s house. Added: 09-Nov-2002.
Canada Day 2002 01-Jul-2002: Canada Day 2002, Canada’s 135th birthday. Added: 02-Jul-2002.
Film sets in Vancouver (2) Movie set at Crystal Decisions, with Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu. Added: 30-Jan-2002.
X-Mas 2001 Christmas in Whistler with the Joseph family. Added: 14-Aug-2002.
Grounds For Appeal 18-Dec-2001: Joeck Stuyver’s Grounds For Appeal coffee shop.
Ice skating Ice skating pictures. Added: 12-Nov-2001.
Thanksgiving 2001 07/08-Oct-2001. At Silvia’s house and Jan’s house. Added: 09-Oct-2001.
Housewarming on Bowen Island 18/19-Aug-2001. At Derick and Christa Dannhauser. Added: 20-Aug-2001.
Abbotsford Air Show 2001 11-Aug-2001. What a day … 32 degrees. Added: 11-Aug-2001.
Dragon Boat Festival, 2001 23-Jun-2001. Dragon Boat Festival, Vancouver. Added: 24-Jun-2001.
A day in the park 26-May-2001: A day in Stanley Park with Bernie and Silvia. Added: 14-Oct-2001
Day trip to Boeing factory + Seattle 21-May-2001: Pierre-André, Brendon and Ton on a day trip to the Boeing factory. Added: 21-May-2001.
Day trip to Garibaldi Park 05-May-2001: We did a 4×4 and hiking day trip to Garibaldi Park in Squamish, B.C. Added: 06-May-2001.
Abelia B&B 06-May-2001: Abelia Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Vancouver. Updated: 28-Jul-2001.
Film sets in Vancouver (1) 27-Apr-2000: Filming of movie “MVP II” around the office. Added: 30-Apr-2001.
Silvia Aidar’s 40th birthday 10-Mar-2000: Silvia Aidar’s 40th birthday party in North Vancouver. Added: 11-Mar-2001.
Whistler 2001 Ton had a week off while Peter visited him for a short ski vacation in Whistler. Added: 03-Feb-2001.
Boerenkool met worst 08-Jan-2001: Menu of today. Dutch dish. Added: 11-Jan-2001.
2001 Vancouver Polar Bear Swim 01-jan-2001: The 81st Polar Bear Swim event at English Bay. Added: 28-Jan-2001.
Christmas 2000 In the Seagate Whistler cabin. Added: 04-Jan-2001.
Sailing Su 12-Nov-2000: Sailing from Point Roberts (USA) with Peter Schmit. Added: 13-Nov-2000.
Wicked House Party Sa 04-Nov-2000 until Su 05-Nov-2000. Dance, trance, house, etc.
Janet and Kitty in Vancouver 04-Oct-2000/15-Oct-2000: Kitty Lankhorst (NL) and Janet Bokxem (NL) finished their 6 month back packing trip through Canada in Vancouver. Added: 21-Oct-2000.
Moving day + Whistler Su 01-Oct-2000: After moving, relaxation in Whistler. Added: 21-Oct-2000.
Brazilian pick nick Mo 04-Sep-2000 in Stanley park.
Summer Love 2000 in Chilliwack Sa 26-Aug-2000 until Su 27-Aug-2000. Dance, trance, house, etc.
Abbotsford Air Show 2000 12-Aug-2000. What a day … 24 degrees.
Roller blading in Stanley park 09-Apr-2000.
BBQ at the house 08-Apr-2000.
Miscellaneous # 01 Pictures that can’t be categorized go here. Added: 08-Apr-2000. Last update: 08-Apr-2000
01-Apr-2000 01-Apr-2000: Ton’s birthday party.
NHL Hockey 03-Feb-2000: The Vancouver Canucks playing against St. Louis (score: 2-5).
Silvia Aidar January 2000: Pictures of returning from trip to Brazil, etc.
X-Mas 1999 December 1999: Pictures of houses decorated with Christmas lights and the dinner at Kimberley’s (neighbour).
1995-1999 Historical picture gallery page.


Golf tournament at Carnoustie 28-Apr-2002: Golf tournament at Carnoustie in Port Coquitlam. Added: 29-Apr-2002.
Westwood Plateau 02-Nov-2001: With colleagues from Crystal Decisions’ IT department. Added: 02-Nov-2001
Dix golf tournament at Mylora 16-Sep-2001: Ton and Brendon at “Dix Restaurant Charity Golf Tournament”. Added: 04-Feb-2002.
Golf at Eagle Quest 09-Sep-2001: Golfing at Eagle Quest Golf Course: Added: 10-Sep-2001.
Golf at Country Meadows 12-Aug-2001: Golfing at Country Meadows Golf Course. Added:  13-Aug-2001.
Golf at Northlands 29-Jul-2001: Golfing at Northland Golf Course. Added:  30-Jul-2001.
Playing golf for the first time Ton’s first time golfing in Vancouver. Added:  21-May-2001.

Historic Pictures

Photo Album Photo album with some of the old youth pictures of Ton. Added: 21-Apr-2001.
1980′s – Twente Keerlkes Twente Keerlkes. Added: 27-Jan-2002.


Crystal Decisions team weekend Saturday 08-Feb-2003. Skiing with members of the IT Apps team. Added: 11-Feb-2003.
A day of skiing in Whistler Sunday 13-Jan-2002: Another day of skiing in Whistler. Added: 10-Feb-2002
Christmas 2001 in Whistler Friday 21-Dec-2001 / Wednesday 26-Dec-2001. Added: 29-Dec-2001.
Blackcomb Mountain – Whistler (4) Sunday 08-Apr-2001 / Tuesday 10-Apr-2001. Added:  13-Apr-2001.
Grouse Mountain Sunday 04-Mar-2001. Grouse Mountain. Added: 05-Mar-2001
Cypress Mountain (3) Saturday 27-Jan-2001. Cypress Mountain. Added: 28-Jan-2001.
Blackcomb Mountain – Whistler (3) Sunday 03-Dec-2000. First day of the 2000/2001 season. Added:  04-Dec-2000.
Cypress Mountain Spring Skiing (2) Tuesday 18-Apr-2000. Great panoramic pictures.
Big White ski report Fr 04-Feb 2000 / Su 06-Feb-2000: Skiing with colleagues from work (Weyerhaeuser) at Big White near Kelowna.
Whistler report (2) 29-Jan-2000: Ton went skiing in  Whistler with Frans and Marieke Luit.
Cypress Mountain (1) 23-Jan-2000: Ton went skiing on Cypress Mountain with Frans and Marieke Luit.
Whistler report (1) 28-Dec-1999: Ton went skiing in  Whistler with neighbour Kimberley.

In and around the house

Seagull on my balcony 05-Nov-2000: A seagull visited my balcony. Added: 06-Nov-2000.
Current house September 2000: Just before and after moving from North Vancouver to downtown Vancouver Added: 18-Oct-2000. Updated: 21-Oct-2000.
Old house January, March and April 2000: Pictures in and around the house.
Pictures of March 1999 March 1999.
Pictures – March 1999 March 1999.
Old house February 1999.
Old house: moving February 1999.

Work at ING Bank (Amsterdam)

Nautical INGNew 27-Nov-2007: Team building event with sailing (Muiden), sable fight training, cheese and wine tasting and dinner.
Goodbye skiing party Paul SeverensNew 08-Nov-2007: Goodbye party for Paul Severens at Snow Planet in Velsen.
Dutch Water Dreams 12-Jul-2007: Today Ton’s ING colleagues went rafting and flow riding at Dutch Water Dreams ( in Zoetermeer. Take a look at the pictures.
Cooking event in Amsterdam 12-Dec-2006: Cooking event with AWB colleagues from ING ank Amsterdam. Added: 14-Dec-2006
ING Party at De Efteling 28-May-2005: Celebrating that Henny works at ING Bank for 25 years.
Roller blading in Amsterdam (ING Bank) 21-Apr-2005: ING Bank department of CFS-IT went skating in Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

Work at Crystal Decisions (former Seagate Software, Vancouver)

Ton’s goodbye lunch 03-Jul-2003: Ton’s goodbye lunch. Added: 04-Jul-2003.
Annual IT Apps Fun Day 13-Dec-2002: Curling at the Vancouver Curling Club.
2-Day training at Rational in Toronto 22/25-Jun-2002: 2-Day Rational RUP-I training in Toronto. Added: 26-Jun-2002.
Crystal Ball (X-Mas) Party 2001 15-Dec-2001: CD Blues Band @ The Crystal Decisions Christmas Party 2001. Added: 16-Dec-2001.
Golf at Westwood Plateau 02-Nov-2001: Annual ‘fun day’ with colleagues from the IT department. Added: 02-Nov-2001.
Flying-U horseback riding 19/21-Oct-2001: Horseback riding weekend in 70 Mile House. Added: 19-Oct-2001.
24 Hour Relay 16 + 17 June 2001: 24 Hour Relay event at Swangard Stadium in Vancouver. Added: 22-Jun-2001.
24 Hour Relay BBQ 08-Jun-2001: Fund raiser BBQ where Ton played in the CD Blues Band. Added: 10-Jun-2001.
Seagate X-Mas Party 2000 01-Dec-2000: Seagate Software Christmas Party 2000. Added: 02-Dec-2000, Updated: 05-Jan-2001.
Halloween 2000 Pumpkin carvin contest Oct-2000: Seagate Software Halloween pumpkin carving contest. Added: 31-Oct-2000.
Pictures of the building Oct-2000: Seagate Software building in the fall. Added: 21-Oct-2000.
Holos training in Denver, Colorado (USA) 2000: Holos training in Denver. Added: 18-Sep-2000.
River Rafting in Chilliwack 29/30-Jul-2000: River Rafting weekend in Chilliwack B.C. Added: 30-Jul-2000.
Series 01 May-2000: Ton’s office at Seagate Software. Updated: 16-May-2002.

Work at Weyerhaeuser Company (former MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., Vancouver)

Last day 12-May-2000: Ton’s last day of the contract at Weyerhaeuser. Added: 13-May-2000.
Weyerhaeuser IT Y2K boat cruise
(by AllenChris and Greg.)
19-Feb-2000. There are three series: Series 1 by Allen Mar, Series 2 by Chris Mah and Series 3 by Greg Morris. This section has been added on 27-May-2000.
Working in Nanaimo 10-Feb-2000: Ton worked in the Nanaimo IT office today (Vancouver island). Added: 10-Feb-2000.
Work December 1999 / January 2000: Pictures in and around the office at Weyerhaeuser’s Canadian head office. Added: 03-Jan-2000.
Business trip to Weyerhaeuser January 2000: Pictures from the meeting with the intranet web transition team at Weyerhaeuser’s head office in Federal Way (city) in Washington (state), USA. Added: 12-Jan-2000.
Y2K Rollover weekend December 1999 / January 2000: Pictures of the Canadian Weyerhaeuser Y2K Management Centre. Last updated: 24-jan-2000. Added: 24-Dec-1999. Last updated: 11-May-2000.
Going to work January 2000: Pictures of the commute to work (bus, Seabus, Skytrain etc.).
Christmas lunch 1999 19-Dec-1999 at the Legends pub in downtown Vancouver.
Starmaster project Fall 1999
Images of my office (Jan- 1999). Made in January 1999.

Car – 1998 Nissan Pathfinder Chilkoot

Car Pictures of Ton’s 1998 Nissan Pathfinder Chilkoot. Added: 03-Jan-2000. Last updated: 24-Feb-2003.
4×4 reports Link to the “off the road” adventures pages.

Vancouver Pictures

Vancouver skyline Great picture by Rob Muller from his office in North Vancouver. Added: 11-Feb-2004.
Vancouver in February (part 4) Great pictures of mainly Stanley Park and the Lions Gate Bridge. Added: 24-Feb-2002.
Vancouver in the snow (part 3) Pictures of a day of snow in Vancouver. Added: 27-Jan-2002.
Vancouver pictures (part 2) Photo gallery of Vancouver pictures. Added: 24-Nov-2001.
Sunsets May 2000: Pictures from sunsets. Added: 23-May-2000. Last updated: 23-Sep-2000.
Cruise ship pictures May 2000: Pictures from the cruise ships in the Vancouver harbour. Added: 12-May-2000.
Vancouver pictures (part 1) January 2000: Pictures Vancouver, North Vancouver and Stanley Park. Added: 09-Jan-2000. Last update: 23-May-2000.
X-Mas Eve 1999 (fog) December 1999: We had a week of constant fog, very rare. Added: 24-Dec-1999. Last update: 27-Dec-1999.

Euro 2000 in Vancouver

European Soccer tournament Pictures of Euro 2000 (European Soccer tournament) in Vancouver. June 2000.

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