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As of 08-Apr-2000 Shout Cast is being used to bring you (streaming) live music from the Level Systems MultiMedia studio server through the internet (broadcasting). You can enjoy our music if you have an MP3 player installed on your desktop computer, like Win Amp’s MP3 Player … and while you stay connected to the internet you simply click on “Start listening” below. That’s all, simple as that. And stay tuned. We are currently broadcasting at 56 kbps high-speed CD quality, 22,050 kHz in stereo (you better have a fast connexion …). If you are behind a firewall make sure you administrator gave you access to port 8000.

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Upcoming events and specials:

Sunday 19-May-2002: Ton plays Retro 80′s at Lotus, Milk & Honey in Vancouver at the “Do it like a Rock Star” event.We’re occasionally playing and promoting lots of Ben Liebrand stuff. For our station, he’s the big example … the master of the mini mix and the grand mix. If you like his music, order the CD online at his own web site.

Past events:

- Su 19-May-2002: Ton played Retro 80′s at Lotus, Milk & Honey in Vancouver at the “Do it like a Rock Star” event.
- Sa 18 / Su 19 Aug 2001: Ton played Retro 70′s and 80′s music at a party on Bowen Island.
- 02-Aug-2001: Paul Oakenfold was back in Vancouver at the Thunderbird Stadium (UBC) in Vancouver. I didn’t go because the show was during a rainy Thursday afternoon … can you imagine?
- Sa 04 / Su 05 Nov 2000: Ton mixed his European retro 80′s collection at the Wicked House Party in Vancouver.
- Sa 26 / Su 27 Aug 2000: Summer Love 2000 in Chilliwack.
- Sa 22 Jul 2000: We organized LIVE MUSIC with guest DJ’s. Click here for more details.
- Mo 17 Jul 2000: Ton went to Paul Oakenfold’s live performance at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. See ticket below.Poal Oakenfold live in Vancouver

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