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During November and December 1995 it was very difficult to find a job around Vancouver. Ton spent a lot of time preparing himself for the job market by making a new version of his Dutch resumes (CV). He received a lot of support and useful help from Erik Leidekker. Thanks, Erik! For historical job information you can have a look a the history page.

Finding a job in Canada can be accomplished in many different ways. There are a lot of job web sites available. Or you can take a look in the news groups like or If you are looking for contract jobs you should contact the so called Recruiting Agencies who can market you with your skills. And the newspapers are a good source, as well a the Vancouver based “Job White Pages”, a summary of jobs in a little weekly booklet (released every Tuesday and available at corner stores like Seven Eleven). It is generally known, that only 20% of the jobs are successful found by applying for jobs that are advertised in the news papers. Finding jobs through agencies is a lot more successful.

November and December are not the best months for finding a job. In January and February the chances are a lot better as through the rest of the year.

Immigrating to Canada

Lots of questions reach me via this website about how to immigrate to Canada. There are several components that determine if you qualify for immigration visa. For every subject you will gain points and the total (70 points are required) determines your chances.

  • Work experience
  • Is your profession needed?
  • Education
  • Age
  • Knowledge of language
  • Medical examination
  • Financial status
  • etc.

If you want to receive more information, please contact the Canadian embassy in your country and ask for an information package. They will sent it to you for free.

People in The Netherlands can also contact Paul Hilterman. Paul was Ton’s consultant when he was still working for the D.E.N. Organization (Stichting Dienstverlening Emigratie Nederland). Paul left this organization a few years ago and is now assisting emigrants as a partner of:

LTO Vastgoed
Grondzaken en Bemiddeling
Keulenstraat 12
7400 AC Deventer
Phone: 0570-662899
Fax: 0570-677264

For more information see also: Citizenship And Immigration Canada. Or take a look at the information of Human Resources Development Canada.

The normal procedure is to send in an application to the nearest Canadian embassy. Depending on their workload you receive your visa (landed immigrant). A visa expires 1 year after your medical examination. If you don’t use your visa within this year, you have to apply again (new procedure has to be started).

A site with lots of information you may want to look at is the Canadian High Commission Visa Section, located in Pretoria (South Africa). Or maybe you will find valuable information at the site of R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd.

There is also a news group available called misc.immigration.canada.

Also a good resource for information is the web site of Colin Singer. Please have a look at Canadian Citizenship & Immigration
Resource Center (CCIRC) Inc.

The latest business news can be found at Business in Vancouver. Or check out the Industry Canada web site.

Job web sites

The following websites may help you to get more information about offered jobs. Most of the sites will let you sent in your resume to be added to their jobs database. Here is an alphabetical summary of some of the websites:

Did I miss a site? Let me know and I will add it to the list.


Job news groups

The following news groups may help you to get more information about offered jobs. This is just a summary of news groups we used:

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