This page lists Ton’s hobbies:

  • Currently Ton is reading the news and hosts news shows at Radio Phohi (Huizen) and Radio 6 FM (Blaricum, Eemnes and Laren). Fom October 2003 until June 2004 Ton was news ancor and coordinator for the daily news show at ZaanRadio (Zaanstad).
  • Skiing (since 1996).
  • Rollerblading (since 2000).
  • Golf (since 2001).
  • Running.
  • Tennis (since he was 12 years old).
  • Ice skating (since he was 4 years old … really).
  • Camping in British Columbia (since 1999).
  • 4×4 trips with his Nissan Pathfinder (since 1998).
  • River rafting, did that 4 times so far. Since 1996. Also known as white water rafting.
  • Playing trumpet – since he was 10 years old. Played for several local party bands (Blaanke Boeskeulkes, Twente Keerlkes, Köttelpeern Bloazers). Also leads the band and plays trumpet for Crystal Decisions Blues Band since 2000 (band at work).
  • Club DJ and radio host in Holland between 1978 and 1990.

Extinct kind of DJ who talked between songs in the 80's

  • Creating commercial jingles and radio station calls (click here to listen to radio Accent FM – formerly Radio Oldenzaal)
  • Listening to trance/dance/techno music and going to dance parties, if possible (since 1999).
  • Streaming music over the internet (since April 2000).
  • Radio host (between 1980 and 1995) at local radio station in Oldenzaal.
  • Making shooters and martinis (since 2001).
  • Making pictures with the digital still camera (since December 1999).
  • Working on my web site (since 1996).
  • Mountain biking – occasionally (since 1996).
  • Hiking – occasionally (since 1996).
  • Traveling, countries visited so far: Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, England, Denmark, Sweden, Dominican Republic, U.S.A., Canada.
  • Watching the sunset at English Bay from my balcony with a cold one …..
Band practiceTon at band practice on 10-Dec-2001 for the C.D. Blues Band.

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