Su 02-Dec-2012: Visiting Sinterklaas in Muiderslot residency

Su 02-Dec-2012. Today Danique, Sjoukje and Ton visited Sinterklaas in his national residency in Muiderslot (Muiden, NL). This 400 year old castle is where Sinterklaas stays this year with his Black Piets and all the presents he took with him on his steamboat from Spain. The castle was the stage of this years Sinterklaas movie.

We took the ferry from Ijburg (Amsterdam) to Muiden. When we arrived at the Muiderslot castle we met Sinterklaas and his black Piets and we got a half hour tour. The ferry then sailed us back to Ijburg. Of course today Danique was dressed for the occasion in a Piet suite.

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