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Cutting the hedge

Sa 28-Jl-2012: It was about time to trim the laurel hedge.

Water fun and BBQ

Su 22-Jul-2012: Since last Friday Danique has 6 weeks summer vacation. The past weeks felt like fall, with temperatures just around 15 degrees. Sometimes even less. But since yesterday temperatures were rising and today we had 22 degrees. Rein, Deborah, Tessa and Mitchell were visiting and we asked them to bring their swim suites. We pulled out our inflatable swimming pool, the water pistols and the rocket water fountain … water fun for kids. In the afternoon we served a bbq dinner. See pictures below, click on each of them to enlarge.

A little bit of summer

15-Jul-2012: This afternoon we finally had a little bit of a summer afternoon. The past days were cold (11-15 degrees Celsius) and wet, unlike the hot temperatures in the USA and the south of Europe. At the beginning of the past week the daytime temperatures like we had last Christmas.

Froukje’s birthday party with bbq

Sa 07-Jul-2012 14.00-20.30: Froukje and Peter celebrated Froukje’s birthday (which was back in June) today with a bbq dinner. We also walked to the lake side in Grou, which is famous for its touristic sailing season.

Danique & the Big ball

Fr 06-Jul-2012: Danique played with the “big soccer ball at the playground near our house. She won it last weekend at the Laren fair.

Danique’s first school trip

Th 05-Jul-2012 08.30-14.00: Danique’s class went on a school trip to camping Woensberg in Blaricum. The class had to walk to the destination via the animal farm. They had to bring their favourite toy or doll and a blanket. So they could sleep in the tents. Their activities were blindfolded tasting, tree climbing, camping and … eating ice creams. At the end the kids were all picked up by their parents.

At the Laren fair

When the rain showers had disappeared, we enjoyed the fair in Laren with lots of prices for Danique.

Hiding for the rain


Su 01-Jul-2012 15.50: We’re hiding for the rain at the fair in Laren with more wettness at De Rosemarij restaurant.