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Danique’s health update (4)

Monday 28-May-2012: In the night from Saturday to Sunday Danique was coughing a lot in her sleep. At Sjoukje’s parents house both slept in one room when the coughing caught Sjoukje’s attention. Everything was fine during the day when Danique played with her cousins Rinke and Moos. Around 4 PM Danique started complaining about pain in her right ear during a few hick ups; we were still at Sjoukje’s parents for a visit. On our drive back home Danique was still in pain and we gave her penicillin against the pain as soon as we arrived home. She had a good sleep. Actually … she slept until 12 AM. Today we are going to monitor the situation and if necessary we will visit the doctor.



Workshop “clog painting”

Saturday 26-May-2012: Froukje, Dettie and Sjoukje attended a “clog painting” workshop in Leeuwarden. And they also had dinner togther at “De Walrus” restaurant.

Wine accident corner repainted


Last winter Ton accidently tossed a glass of red wine against the light coloured wall in the living room. Today the fatal corner has been repainted. Now the wall needs to dry.

Neighbour Michel’s bachelor (or stag) party

Sa 26-May-2012: This morning we were alarmed by hooting people at the neighbour’s house. Michel and Rebecca are going to get married this summer so today was a great sunny day to get Michel out for his bachelor (or stag) party. Ton grabbed his camera and took a series of photos while the group was still at Michel’s house. Michel is dressed in blue and orange.

Source, Wikipedia: A bachelor party (CanadaSouth Africa and the US), also known as a stag partystag night or stag do (especially in Commonwealth countries and Ireland), a bull’s party (South Africa), or a buck’s party or buck’s night (Australia), is a partyheld for a man shortly before he enters marriage, to celebrate his “last night of freedom” or merely to spend time with his male friends, who are often at his wedding party afterwards. A bachelor party is usually planned by the best man or other friends of the groom, occasionally, with the assistance of a bachelor party planning company.

Evaluation Danique’s day care

Fr 25-May-2012 13.00-13.30: Danique’s day care center has invited the parents for an evaluation meeting. Danique seems to act as a regular kid and there were no special comments or points of attention.

Friday 25-May-2012: Danique's after school day care center "De Toevlucht".

Friday 25-May-2012: Danique's after school day care center "De Toevlucht".

Water party @ Martijn’s home

Friday 25-May-2012: Danique and her school buddy Martijn are enjoying themselves with water and the trampoline on a warm spring day. Today we had clear skies and 25 degrees Celsius. After school Danique went to Martijn’s home and later that afternoon she attended her swimming class.

For 2 short videos and more pictures please click here.

Logitech wireless headset H-800

24-May-2012: Today we bought a Logitech H-800 wireless headset with attached microphone. Together with a König CMP-BLUETR20 Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receiver/Transmitter. This combination enables us to e.g. connect the set to our tv in the living room. Or link the headset to bluetooth phones, iPod, laptop, etc. It’s a perfect Skype set. The wireless headset and the bluetooth transceiver both support A2DP for perfect stereo sound. We were absolutely surprised about the sound quality of the headset, we truly recommend it.

BBQ with neighbours

Su 20-May-2012: Today we invited our neighbours Michel, Rebecca and Eliza for a bbq dinner. We were very fortunate, because it had rained all morning while in the afternoon the weather turned to be wonderful.

BBQ time

Saturday 19-May-2012: The weather is great today. Around 20 degrees with a mix of sun and cloud. Today the BBQ will be cleaned after having been covered during the winter season. The Weber Q-220 is now entering its 5th season and is still going strong. Next thing on the list today will be a trip to the butcher. There’s is also nice (bbq) weather in the forecast for the coming week. (when the BBQ was still new: 24-Apr-2008)

Ton’s parents visiting

Th 17-May-2012/Fr 18-May-2012: Today Ton’s parents were visiting for 2 days. We had a long weekend due to Ascension Day. On Thursday we visited Hans & Grietje pannenkoekhuis in Zeewolde. On Friday morning Ton tok his parents to Amsterdam Zuid-Oost to show them the area around the office where Ton works. In the afternoon Ton’s parents joined him to attend Danique’s swimming class.  We enjoyed dinner at De Haven van Huizen restaurant before Ton’s parents went back home.

For more pictures and a short video click here. Click on the image below for a larger version.

17/18-May-2012: Ton's parents were visiting. They gave Danique a new bike with 16 inch wheels.

17/18-May-2012: Ton's parents were visiting. They gave Danique a new bike with 16 inch wheels.