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Raj and Yvonne were visiting

Th 26-Apr-2012: Raj and Yvonne (20 weeks pregnant) were visiting us from Manchester, arriving with flight KL108. Ton picked them up at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport around 4 PM.  They were staying overnight to continue their trip on Friday to the north of Holland for the next days, including Queens Day. Clicking on the picture will show a larger version.

Thursday 26-Apr-2012: Raj, Danique and Yvonne.

Thursday 26-Apr-2012: Raj, Danique and Yvonne.

Windows 8

Su 22-Apr-2012: Today Ton installed a Windows 8 user preview version on one of his desktops. A first impression.

2012-04-22: Windows 8 user preview

2012-04-22: Windows 8 user preview

Marcel and Evelien visiting

Su 22-Apr-2012: Marcel and Evelinen were visiting us today. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Su 22-Apr-2012: Marcel, Danique and Evelien

Su 22-Apr-2012: Marcel, Danique and Evelien

Peter and Dettie were visiting

Sa 21-Apr-2012: Today Dettie and Peter were visiting to celebrate Peter (March 28) and Ton’s (April 1) birthday parties. Due to the flu Froukje had to stays at home. Click multiple time to enlarge the photos.

Health update (Danique and Ton)

17-Apr-2012: Danique went to school without any problems today. Let’s hope that she will be fine in a few days. This afternoon Ton had to visit his dentist for a root canal treatment ( Everything went smooth and without problems. The local dental anesthesia ( worked great. During the procedure Ton was not in any pain.

Our health

Our health

Danique has a bacteria (2)

Monday 16-Apr-2012: Danique went off to school as usual. Unfortunately things weren’t going as expected. Around 4 PM Ton received a phone call from the day care, that Danique felt weak and was in pain (ear). Things had turned around as we felt that she was doing better in the morning than expected. We decided to visit our family doctor as quickly as possible, he had indicated a week ago that if the situation would change we had to contact him. After he checked her ear (broken cornea) he decided to give her a more heavy antibiotic (syrup) and ear drops to clean her ear from bacteria. The program will have to be followed for 10 days. Danique can still attend school but is not allowed to take swimming lessons for the time being. We need to see our family doctor again on Friday 27-Apr-2012. We hope Danique will recover soon as she’s been running around with this whole situation for almost 6 weeks now. If in 10 days the situation hasn’t improved for Danique, our family doctor will send Danique to hospital for some more specialized research.

Sunday 15-Apr-2012: Although still in pain on her left ear Danique was doing okay. We kept treating her with a mild pain killer and all looked well to let her go to school on Monday.

Saturday 14-Apr-2012: The past week off antibiotics went very good for Danique. The coughing seemed to have disappeared. But today she slowly started coughing again. This morning she woke up with some pain in her ear, which she already started to complain about yesterday. But today the pain seemed to increase and we treated her with a pain killer (special kind for kids). In the afternoon we visited grandma Ensink for her birthday and here is were Danique went into a lot of pain and repeatedly asked us to give her the pain killer. Apparently the cornea in her left ear was broken, which we found  out on Monday when visiting our family doctor (again).

Our health

Our health

Oma Ensink turned 79

14-Apr-2012: Today we visited Ton’s parents for oma Ensink’s 79th birthday. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Visitors for Danique

Two girls from Danique’s class (Myrthe and Nathalie) were visiting today. Enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

Easter dinner


Happy Easter meat dish  … including chicken.

Easter celebration at school

04-Apr-2012: Danique’s school De Levensboom celebrated Easter tonight with a 1 hour play (19.00-20.00). The group also sang Easter songs. Cick on the pictures once or more to enlarge.