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Danique’s sleepover at Henk and Yvonne

Sa 21-Jan-2012: Danique was very exited to stay at Henk and Yvonne tonight for a sleepover, while Sjoukje and Ton enjoyed the sub tropical swimming paradise at Preston Palace in Almelo.

Su 22-Jan-2012 15.00: Sjoukje an Ton picked up Danique at Henk en Yvonne. After visiting grandma and grandpa they went home.

Mateus and Anita visiting

14-Jan-2012: Anita and Mateus are visiting for dinner. We had pasta with Pacific salmon and mushrooms. See pictures below. Click on them to enlarge.

Danique went cycling with dad and mam

Click here for more pictures.

14-Jan-2012: Cycling with daddy

14-Jan-2012: Cycling with daddy

Sa 14-Jan-2012: Today Danique went cycling in the neighbourhood with daddy. First daddy walked while Danique was on her bike. But soon daddy took out his own bike and accompanied Danique on her tour, exploring the roads. It was the first time Danique was on her bike hitting the roads. At times they stopped at places like neighbourhood playgrounds.

Age, Mirjam, Jorrit and Berber

Su 08-Jan-2012: Today Age, Mirjam, Jorrit and Berber were visiting. Here we are all together at the playground in our street. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Su 08-Jan-2012: Sjoukje, Ton, Danique, Jorrit, Mirjam, Age and Berber.

Su 08-Jan-2012: Sjoukje, Ton, Danique, Jorrit, Mirjam, Age and Berber.

Danique at swimming class

Fr 06-Jan-2011:  Click here for more pictures of Danique’s swimming class today.

Happy 2012

Happy 2012

2011 –> Ctrl + Alt + Del –> 2012

We spent New year’s Eve at home. Slowly the oil balls and apple beignets disappeared (see previous message). Danique woke up at 10 PM because of the fireworks noise outside. She stayed with us on the couch, waiting for midnight to come. Then we all watched and enjoyed the fireworks from people in our neighbourhood. Of course there was champagne. Our neighbours stopped by for some handshaking and kisses and then we went to bed at 3.30 AM.