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BBQ at Peter and Froukje

26-Jun-2011: BBQ at Peter and Froukje to celebrate her birthday. It was a very beautiful day with sunny skies, a nice temperature with a smooth breeze.

Visitors from Blokker

25-Jun-2011: Rein, Deborah, Tessa and Mitchell visited us for a bbq dinner. We had to bbq under the sunscreen to protect us from the rain.


19-Jun-2011: Today we visited Sjoukje’s family in Nijmegen. We took a walk in the Goffert Park and Danique had her nails done for her very first time.


Sa 04-Jun-2011: Today Ronald, Coos, Henne and Ton finally met for a reunion type meeting. We started having a few drinks at the city center of Groningen (Drie Gezusters). Then we drove to Henne’s new house in Froombosch for a very nice bbq. While Coos and Henne left that evening and went home, Ton stayed overnight.