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Henne and Helen

Su 27-Feb-2011: Henne and Helen came to visit us.


Sa 26-Feb-2011: We visited Rein, Deborah, Tessa and Mitchell.

26-Feb-2011: Tessa and Danique in Blokker.

26-Feb-2011: Tessa and Danique in Blokker.

Froukje & Peter

19-Feb-2011: We visited Froukje and Peter.


Th 17-Feb-2011: Ton had to visit ING’s head office in Brussels. Sjoukje had a dinner with colleagues in Amsterdam in the evening. Danique stayed with our neighbours Has and Meritxell.

Danique at the playground

13-Feb-2011: Danique at the playground near our house.

Danique’s first bicycle

13-Feb-2011: Danique on her first (no peddles) bicycle. You need to walk in order to move the bike. It’s a great practice for making kids learn howto keep their ballance.


Sa 12-Feb-2011: We visited Yvonne for her birthday.

ABN-AMRO Tennis tournament

Fr 11-Feb-2011 18.00-23.00:  Ton was invited to attend the ABN-AMRO Tennis tournament @ Ahoy Rotterdam. He was invited by former colleague René Lak (Bartosz). One of the players they saw playing was Robin Söderling from Sweden, who eventually won the tournament.

Cleaning the gym ball

04-Feb-2011: Danique is helping Jessica (sports teacher) to clean the big ball. She always going to the gym after her swimming lessons.

04-Feb-2011: Danique at the gym.

04-Feb-2011: Danique at the gym.