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Sjoukje at ABN-AMRO tennis tournament

Tu 14-Feb-2012: Sjoukje was invited to visit the ABN-AMRO tennis tournament in Rotterdam. Due to her employer relationship with the bank she got the invitation. Unfortunately the Dutch tennis players were eliminated during their matches that night.

Danique’s sleepover at Henk and Yvonne

Sa 21-Jan-2012: Danique was very exited to stay at Henk and Yvonne tonight for a sleepover, while Sjoukje and Ton enjoyed the sub tropical swimming paradise at Preston Palace in Almelo.

Su 22-Jan-2012 15.00: Sjoukje an Ton picked up Danique at Henk en Yvonne. After visiting grandma and grandpa they went home.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012

Sjoukje and Danique’s birthdays

Saturday 15-Oct-2011 and Sunday 16-Oct-2011: Sjoukje’s birthday was on October 13 and Danique’s 4th birthday on October 18. This weekend family and friends visited to celebrate. On of the guets was Joeck, who was visiting from vancouver, Canada. Via him Sjoukje and Ton met each other (in Vancouver) back in October 2002.

2011-10-16: Sjoukje, Joeck, Ton and Danique

2011-10-16: Sjoukje, Joeck, Ton and Danique

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Sa 10-Sep-2011: Fabienne and Jon were visiting

Sjoukje’s former Hagemeyer-colleague Fabiennee and her friend Jon were visiting.

Sa 10-Sep-2011: Fabien and Jon were visiting.

Sa 10-Sep-2011: Fabien and Jon were visiting.

Dettie, Peter & Froukje visiting

Today Dettie, Peter & Froukje were visiting us. After a day of shopping in Hilversum we closed the day with a bbq dinner at home. The weather was gorgeous today, with temperatures up to 26 degrees. Was this the last chance for a beautiful day of summer?



Eating pancakes with Sjoukje’s parents at restaurant “De Vuursche Boer” in Lage Vuursche. During today’s wet weather this was our alternative for a walk in the forest.

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