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17-May-2013: Danique’s first visit at the dentist

Fr 17-May-2013 11.00: Danique’s first visit at the dentist ( Everything was fine with her teeth and she is about to get new cheek-teeth (grinders) in the back of her mouth.

Fr 17-May-2013 11.00: Danique's first visit at the dentist.

Fr 17-May-2013 11.00: Danique’s first visit at the dentist. Click on picture to enlarge.

Allergy test results

Fr 03-Aug-2012 13.00: Ton went to his family doctor for an allergy test. For over 10 years he is suffering from allergy attacks. Recurring yearly, especially in the April/May time frame. All those years he has taken medication as a remedy like Claritin, Aerius and Zyrtec (all antihistamines). But the actual cause has never been diagnosed. His family doctor signed him up for today’s test to find out more about his allergy symptoms, which are sneeezing, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes and difficulty breathing. The test showed that these are more or less caused by grass or tree pollen, dust, dogs and cats. At least now we know where it comes from and a possible better treatment can be considered.



Danique’s health update (4)

Monday 28-May-2012: In the night from Saturday to Sunday Danique was coughing a lot in her sleep. At Sjoukje’s parents house both slept in one room when the coughing caught Sjoukje’s attention. Everything was fine during the day when Danique played with her cousins Rinke and Moos. Around 4 PM Danique started complaining about pain in her right ear during a few hick ups; we were still at Sjoukje’s parents for a visit. On our drive back home Danique was still in pain and we gave her penicillin against the pain as soon as we arrived home. She had a good sleep. Actually … she slept until 12 AM. Today we are going to monitor the situation and if necessary we will visit the doctor.



Danique’s health update (3)

Friday 04-May-2012: During the past week Danique has coughed very frequently during the day and nights. This can’t be good and we have visited our family doctor again. This time he said he didn’t hear anything wrong about her lungs and her ear looked just fine. The coughing is a natural behaviour and he assured us that for the next few weeks nature will take care of Danique. For the next 6 weeks we should be fine.

Friday 27-Apr-2012: Although Danique’s second antibiotics treatment stopped on Monday she is still coughing. Just to be on the save side we visited our family doctor. He told us, that is Danique would not improve during the next week or 2 we should return for next steps.

Monday 23-Apr-2012:  Danique’s second antibiotics treatment has now stopped because we have used all the syrup needed.

Our health

Our health

Health update (Danique and Ton)

17-Apr-2012: Danique went to school without any problems today. Let’s hope that she will be fine in a few days. This afternoon Ton had to visit his dentist for a root canal treatment ( Everything went smooth and without problems. The local dental anesthesia ( worked great. During the procedure Ton was not in any pain.

Our health

Our health

Danique has a bacteria (2)

Monday 16-Apr-2012: Danique went off to school as usual. Unfortunately things weren’t going as expected. Around 4 PM Ton received a phone call from the day care, that Danique felt weak and was in pain (ear). Things had turned around as we felt that she was doing better in the morning than expected. We decided to visit our family doctor as quickly as possible, he had indicated a week ago that if the situation would change we had to contact him. After he checked her ear (broken cornea) he decided to give her a more heavy antibiotic (syrup) and ear drops to clean her ear from bacteria. The program will have to be followed for 10 days. Danique can still attend school but is not allowed to take swimming lessons for the time being. We need to see our family doctor again on Friday 27-Apr-2012. We hope Danique will recover soon as she’s been running around with this whole situation for almost 6 weeks now. If in 10 days the situation hasn’t improved for Danique, our family doctor will send Danique to hospital for some more specialized research.

Sunday 15-Apr-2012: Although still in pain on her left ear Danique was doing okay. We kept treating her with a mild pain killer and all looked well to let her go to school on Monday.

Saturday 14-Apr-2012: The past week off antibiotics went very good for Danique. The coughing seemed to have disappeared. But today she slowly started coughing again. This morning she woke up with some pain in her ear, which she already started to complain about yesterday. But today the pain seemed to increase and we treated her with a pain killer (special kind for kids). In the afternoon we visited grandma Ensink for her birthday and here is were Danique went into a lot of pain and repeatedly asked us to give her the pain killer. Apparently the cornea in her left ear was broken, which we found  out on Monday when visiting our family doctor (again).

Our health

Our health

Danique has a bacteria (1)


Tuesday 10-Apr-2012: Yesterday Danique took her last drop of syrup. Today she only had a few dry coughs, but she seems to do fine. Tomorrow we will decide if she needs to see the family doctor again or not.

Saturday 07-Apr-2012: After taking her anti-biotic syrup 3 times a day since Monday, it seems that it didn’t have its effect so far. Danique is still coughing at times but not the whole day … that quite a difference with last week. But if the coughing hasn’t stopped by Monday we need to see the family doctor again. Danique may then be referred to a specialist in the hospital.

Sunday 02-Apr-2012: Today Danique once again visited our family doctor. Since the end of February she suffered from a cold. The doctor thought Danique was having a virus. The first treatment with medicines seemed to work, but after stopping the treatment she started coughing again. We gave her a drugstore sirup and after a week she seemed fine again. But 3 nights ago she started coughing again and this time we started thinking about something more serious. Especially after last night, when she started throwing up slime.

This afternoon a blood sample was taken from Danique middle finger (serious, see picture). The outcome was, that Danique is suffering from bacteria in her throat and will get a new antibiotics treatment for a full week. In the meantime she can go back to school without any problems.