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Fr 05-Jul-2013: Solar panel system delivery

Fr 05-Jul-2013: Today our 6 solar panel set got delivered, installed and configured. The panels are from Astronergy and the inverters and gateway are from Enecsys. Schipper Installatie did the installation on our south facing roof. On 19-Jul-2013 we decided to change the panel layout on the roof, which created room to add a 7th panel to the set. See for pictures.

New floor

28 and 29 December. Between Christmas and New Year’s we removed a big part of the old laminate floor upstairs and replaced it with a new one with a different, darker look: old redwood. Thanks to Michel Goudswaard for all his advises and hard work.


Fr 07-Dec-2012: First snowfall


Today we saw the first snowfall of the 2012-2013 winter season in our backyard. People are advised to stay home. The kids in our neighbourhood just love it.

Karlsson-MLine Boxspring bed

New bed

22-Sep-2012: Today we ordered our new bed. It’s a Norwegian Karlsson Silkeborg Modern base with an M Line Slow Motion 4 mattress. This combination should be the guarantee for years of sleeping comfort. We purchased with a 19% state tax. From October 1, 2012 this tax will increase to 21%.

Cutting the hedge

Sa 28-Jl-2012: It was about time to trim the laurel hedge.

Cleaning the house

Sa 23-Jun-2012: Danique is cleaning her garden house. Well, trying to …

Sa 23-Jun-2012: Danique is cleaning her garden house

Sa 23-Jun-2012: Danique is cleaning her garden house

Wine accident corner repainted


Last winter Ton accidently tossed a glass of red wine against the light coloured wall in the living room. Today the fatal corner has been repainted. Now the wall needs to dry.

Spring is in the air

Sunday 25-Mar-2012. Our sun screen is out and the doors and windows open. What a great spring day. 14 degrees (Celsius) and no wind makes it a nice day to enjoy in the weekend.



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