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Visitors for Danique

Two girls from Danique’s class (Myrthe and Nathalie) were visiting today. Enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

Easter dinner


Happy Easter meat dish  … including chicken.

Danique has a bacteria (1)


Tuesday 10-Apr-2012: Yesterday Danique took her last drop of syrup. Today she only had a few dry coughs, but she seems to do fine. Tomorrow we will decide if she needs to see the family doctor again or not.

Saturday 07-Apr-2012: After taking her anti-biotic syrup 3 times a day since Monday, it seems that it didn’t have its effect so far. Danique is still coughing at times but not the whole day … that quite a difference with last week. But if the coughing hasn’t stopped by Monday we need to see the family doctor again. Danique may then be referred to a specialist in the hospital.

Sunday 02-Apr-2012: Today Danique once again visited our family doctor. Since the end of February she suffered from a cold. The doctor thought Danique was having a virus. The first treatment with medicines seemed to work, but after stopping the treatment she started coughing again. We gave her a drugstore sirup and after a week she seemed fine again. But 3 nights ago she started coughing again and this time we started thinking about something more serious. Especially after last night, when she started throwing up slime.

This afternoon a blood sample was taken from Danique middle finger (serious, see picture). The outcome was, that Danique is suffering from bacteria in her throat and will get a new antibiotics treatment for a full week. In the meantime she can go back to school without any problems.

Spring is in the air

Sunday 25-Mar-2012. Our sun screen is out and the doors and windows open. What a great spring day. 14 degrees (Celsius) and no wind makes it a nice day to enjoy in the weekend.



First bbq of the season


Today we enjoyed 16 degrees (Celsius) at the Wassenaar beach. We are closing off this great spring day with a Canadian bbq feast at Michel and Celine’s place in Leidschendam. In the picture is Michel’s Canadian cooking machine “President’s Choice” (from the Superstore). Enjoy the lovely spiced chicken with spinach pasta.

Picking up Danique from school

It’s weekend! Ton picked up Danique from school.


Petra, Peter, Joelle and Quinn were visiting us

Su 04-Feb-2012: Petra, Peter, Joelle and Quinn were visiting us. Joelle and Ton went ice skating first. Then we went home for drinks and dinner. It was a cold but clear day. Temperatures at night dropped to -13 degrees (Celsius).

Oil balls for New Year’s Eve

For New Year’s Eve it is a Dutch tradition to “oil balls” and “apple beignets”. These are deep fried dough goodies that will bring luck for the new year to come. The dough is dropped into the deep fryer by using two spoons. They are served with powdered sugar. The “apple beignet” is a variety with a slice of apple.

Happy New Year.


Holland-Switzerland (soccer friendly): 0-0


11-Nov-2011: Ton joined a group of colleagues (some of them with their kids) for the friendly soccer match between The Netherlands (Orange squad) and Switzerland. It was played in the Amsterdam ArenA; we were sitting in section 113, row 11 and 12. Unfortunately we didn’t see any goals, the end score was 0-0.

Jumping in Blokker


Su 06-Nov-2011: Danique is jumping on the trampoline wit Tessa and Mitchell in Rein and Deborah’s backyard. We also visited the harbour of Hoorn.